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Yoga Ayurveda
Yoga is a lot more than merely the yogasanas (exercise involving yogic posture).  Yoga is a conscious process for raising us from our animal instincts to normal discrimination and elevating us to manifest the immense potentialities dormant in us.

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Ayurveda, “Science of Life,” is the science of Indian medicine. Holistic system of medicine that uses natural herbs and plants to cure diseases.


Indian Medicine Hindu Calendar
Indian medicine builds upon the tripartite Vedic approach to the world.


Through the history, the Hindus have developed and used several calendars, both solar and lunar.

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Vedic Astrology Astronomy
Astrology is the primary Vedanga or limb of the Vedas, as through it the right timing of actions can be determined. It is called the science of reason or causes. Another name for it is "Jyotish", the science of light


Devotional dances, including Bharat Natyam, Kathakali, Manipuri, Kathak, Odissi>

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Indian Mathematics Vedic Science
Pythagorean Theorem, formulation of the Decimal System, accurate calculation of value of pi and discovery of zero are just some of the achievements of Indian Mathematics


Several aspects of science, including logic, astronomy, language, physics, cosmology etc. were explored during the vedic ages

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Indian Science Science After Aryabhatta
It is much less known that important concepts like that of recursion, algebraic transformation, mathematical logic, abstract language description, binary numbers, combinatories also arose in India several centuries before their rediscovery in the West.


Science attributed to   Aryabhatta and post-Aryabhatta scientists such as Varahamihira,Brahmagupta,   Bhaskara, Madhava, Nilakantha Somayaji etc.


Business and Economics
In Hindu scriptures, including Vedas and Bhagwad Gita, one finds guidelines for conduting business.  The economic system was well understood and formulated in the ancient times - Artha Sastra, for example is a well respected document.


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