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Buddha Dharma

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Buddha Dharma Philosophy


Four Noble Truths ("Chatvari Arya Satyani")

The Truth of Suffering:
Suffering (dukha) is the central fact of life. Pain is being born, growing old, sickness, death union with what we dislike is pain, separation from what we dislike, not fulfilling desires.

The Truth of Origin (Samudaya) of Suffering:
The cause of suffering is desires (ichcha), craving (tanha) or thirst (tishna) for sensual pleasures, for existence and experience, for worldly possessions and power. This craving binds one to rebirth, samsara.

The Truth of Cessation (Nirodha) of Suffering:
Suffering can cease only by complete cessation of desires.

The Truth of the Path (Marga) To Ending Suffering:
Suffering can be overcome by following eightfold path (arya ashtanga marga), right belief, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right meditation.