What's New?

Here you will find a list of changes and recent additions to the Ramayana Site.



Copied site to hindunet / hinduweb and updated using Frontpage 2000
Added GHEN Ramayana page under the "In English" section.
Added section for Ramayana based stories for children
Added link to the Amar Chitra Katha series about Ramayana
Added link to Grandpa's stories about Ramayana
Moved Tamil Stotra page under Rama Stotras


Mirrored hscc.net version of Ramayana site to sanskrit.gde.to 


Added link to an english translation with the ITRANSed / devanagari text and word meanings which is available from  http://www.geocities.com/~ramayanam/ . The site is by K. M. K. Murthy & Desiraju Hanumanta Rao and currently has baala kaaNDa and ayodhya kaaNDa.



Added 1999 Navaratri Discourses on Ramayana from Bahrain Satsangh
Added Ram Bhajans & Manas Audio Links
Added links to web-itrans files
Added link to Shri Ram Shalaakaa Prashnaavalii



Added link to Aikya's Poetic Drama Version of the Ramayana - PROMISE



Added Ram CharitManas SundarakaaNDa text
Web page using XDVNG fonts
Postscript File in Devanagari fonts


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