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v:dhis:eht: s:rdm:t:l: hm: m:ham:NRp:
m:Dy: p:\p:km:as:n: m:eN:m:y: v:iras:n: s:esT:t:m: .
Ag: v:ac:y:et: )B:Wj:n:s:t: t:v: m:en:By:H p:r
vy:aKy:ant: B:rt:aedeB:H p:erv:t: ram: B:j: Sy:am:l:m: ..

Shri Ram
Sri Rama (at Siva Vishnu Temple)
Ramayana - The Story (from India Mystica)
Ramayana (from
The Ramayana Story (from
Ramayana - A Picture Gallery (from s-prasad's India Pages)
Image and Map Gallery (from
Exile in Forest (from Goloka Picture Gallery)
Modern Ramayana !!

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