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The Ramayana pages in devanagari script would not be possible without Prof. Tokunaga's monumental effort in encoding the whole RAmAyaNa of the Baroda Critical Edition. The VAlmIki RAmAyaNa, Critically Edited for the First Time by The Baroda Oriental Institute edition was published in 7 Volumes during 1960--1973. This original encoding  by Prof. Muneo Tokunaga of Kyoto, Japan was modified by Prof. John Smith of Cambridge University for the CSX version of the Ramayana e-text.

We thank Prof. Tokunaga & Prof J. D. Smith for their kind  permission to use these files as the basis for conversion to devanagari web version of the Ramayana. We thank Avinash Chopade for ITRANS 5.1 and Sandeep Sibal & Arun Gupta for XDVNG fonts. Without their pioneering efforts, devanagari on the web from e-texts would have been impossible. Thanks also to Dhrup Chand for the Navigation Javascript and to Sorin Suciu for help with the Translit program.

Our heart-felt gratitude to all those who provided feedback, suggestions and answered the numerous queries promptly and with patience. Thank You!!

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