Hindu Milk Miracle - One Man's Story


According to Gina Simcoe:

     The following story was furnished by a friend of mine
     who lives in New Zealand. This letter was originally
     written on November 19.  It refers to the "Hindu Milk
     Miracle", an unprecedented worldwide phenomenon which 
     happened in late September.  Hundreds of thousands of
     people, at dozens of temples throughout the world,
     queued up to offer milk to statues of Hindu deities -
     the milk would then dissapear from the spoon.
     We thought you might be interested: 
     Dear friends,
     Well I am in an upbeat mood.  I have been going to the
     temple regularly where the milk miracle has been
     happening. The last few times I went, nobody had said
     anything about it, or made any offerings, and I was 
     beginning to wonder if it was still happening -
     especially if the people there had stopped showing an
     interest in it. It was also my perception, the last
     time I gave, that the milk was dissapearing more and
     more slowly, as if the energy 'allocated' by the Powers
     That Be was running out.
     Well I was wrong!
     I went on Friday night, to the evening pooga
     (ceremony). It had been ten days since I last gave milk
     (and watched it dissapear of course!). I was also
     feeling a bit down because I had been having a rather
     hard week (karma and all that). After the pooga fin-
     ished, and people had finished singing bhajans (hymns),
     I didn't want to go - because of the way going to
     something like a church service makes you feel better 
     inside, and you don't really want to leave the comfort-
     able presence that you feel, and go back to the cold
     world waiting outside. 
     I was just about to leave, when I was asked if I wanted
     to give milk - well it was like asking a child if you
     want candy. My face lit up and I was feeling a quiet
     kind of excitement inside, at the anticipation of it. 
     I was also anxious that it might not happen this time,
     and that the miracle really had stopped.
      I have had this same kind of experience every time I
     gave - there is this moment of holding your breath, as
     you hold the spoon to the statue,and initially nothing
     seems to happen - then suddenly it starts! And you 
     can see that the milk is dissapearing.
     Same thing this time. the person who had asked me, as
     usual, went first. Immediately you could see the milk
     being sucked up the side of the spoon that was touching
     the trunk (Ganesha is the elephant-headed god),however
     the level of the milk did not visibly appear to be
     going down - it seemed like this time it was going to
     be a very slow process.
     I started reciting a prayer under my breath, and
     inwardly appealing to the Lord, especially in connect-
     ion to His manifestation as the Hindu avatar Lord
     Krishna. Almost immediately the milk started to visibly
     dissapear ( oxymoron?!) - and extremely quickly, as if
     there was this sudden downpour of energy from Up 
     Above. The milk drained down to the last few drops
     within say 10 seconds or so.
     Then I had my turn. Then about 3 or 4 others, then I
     had a second turn (call it spiritual greed!). The milk
     dissapeared very quickly in all cases - about 10 or 20
     seconds each. Then somebody else had the final go - 
     this time it was a very slow start, as if the energy
     was once again running out. But once the spoon was half
     empty, you could easily see the milk disspapearing
     before your very eyes.
     So the miracle has been happening here for nearly 8
     weeks now, and may be one of the few, or only places
     where it still continues.
     As I said above - it put me into a very upbeat mood,
     just to experience with my own eyes, this subtle but
     engaging sign of the Lord's Presence among us, and the
     reality of his Return to our world.
     with much love,
     Jeremy Traylen        
     Quote from the Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita ( 4:7 )
     yada yada hi dharmasya  
       glanir bhavati bharata        
     abhyutthanam adharmasya 
       tadatmanam srjamy aham         
     Whenever and wherever there is a decline in
       O descendant of Bharata
     And a predominant rise of unrighteousness
      At that time I Myself will come

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