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 This is why a thorough knowledge of history and
>tradition is as important scriptuaral knowledge to truly understand our
	The medieval Bengali saint Narottama dasa Thakura wrote:

	"guru-sadhu-sastra-vakya, cittete koriya aikya"

	One's natural, heartfelt desires should be indistinguishable
	from the statements of guru, the community (and tradition) of
	saints, and the tenets of sastra. For those whose acquaintence
	with the adhyatmika practices of the great sages of yore is meager
	(and who in modern society can claim otherwise, considering 
	the immense decay Vedic culture has undergone), the guidance
	of thousands of years of the experiences of the previous acaryas as 
	well as the traditions they upheld are of inestimable value.
	This becomes increasingly evident to those who seriously endeavor 
	to apply the principles of sastra in the modern day and age.