HSS Shiva Ratri Celebration at Sunnyvale Temple

                        HINDU SWAYAMSEVAK SANGH 
                              SHIVA RATRI 
Last year's HSS Shiv Ratri celebration was a grand success with over six 
hundred people participating. This year, we have another good program for 
you. This time again, the emphasis is on children. The kids from the HSS 
Bal-Vihars are the main attraction. They will be presenting skits, songs 
and bhajans. There will also be a skit in Sanskrit. After that there will 
be sing along bhajans, followed by Pooja to Lord Shiva and dinner. 
                    Venue: Sunnyvale Hindu Temple 
                           450 Persian Dr 
                           Sunnyvale, CA-94086 
                    Date: 17 Feb 96, Saturday 
                    Time: 5:30pm - 7:30pm Cultural Program and Pooja 
                          7:30pm - 9:00pm Dinner 
		       *** NO ADMISSION FEES *** 
		       *** ALL ARE INVITED   ***
     **  Program starts at 5:30 PM sharp. Please be present by 5.15PM  ** 
For more information, please contact : 
Anil Rai        (510) 429 9390     Anand Bemra       (408)  946-1335 
Santosh Pillai  (408) 738-4646     Ramnivas Agrawal  (415)  508-8416 
Temple Directions: 
>From 101 :Fair Oaks North; Left on Tasman Drive; Right on Morse Ave; 
          You will see the parking lot of the temple on your right. 
>From 237 :Lawrence South; Right on Tasman Drive; Right on Morse Ave; 
	  You will see the parking lot of the temple on your right. 
		   Program Details 
       ** Program Starts at 5.30PM sharp ** 
       Assemble, Dwajarohan 
       Introduction to Shivratri Program 
       Skit I : Gangavataran 
       Group Song : 'Yah Kal Kal'  
       Introduction to Balavihar 
       Skit II :  Sanskrit Skit 
       Introduction to Sanskrit Bharati 
       Group Song : 'Manasa Satatam Smaraneeyam'  
       Seva announcements 
       Skit III : Shiva-Parvati Kalyan  
       HSS announcements 
       Talk - Symbolism of Shiva  
       Pooja + Arti  
       ~ 2hrs  
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