ARTICLE : Religious Persecution

Greetings all,

A while ago I had a sign up at work in my cubicle saying "Meditation,
Think About It".  It was a cheap sign just made on the printer and was
torn off several times.  I then brought in a small lotus flower.  This
went over fairly well until they found out it had religious significance.
Most recently I had the Om (from Windows ?Wingdings) going across my
screen on the marquee screen-saver.  My supervisor proactively told me to
turn it off saying it was unprofessional.

I'd like to know how some of you have dealt with Christian Nazis.

I respect Jesus, but don't worship him.  I don't want to have to get
obnoxious or use the law either.

At the same time, my three co-workers (including the supervisor) all have
their religious symbols, but if I put of anything its unprofessional.

I know Christianity is exclusionary, although most aren't militant in
putting down other religions.  With my Christian background, whenever we
get into a Bible debate, I categorically prove that their point of view is
incorrect and/or they are not obeying the Bible - so that's stopped.

I just want to have something little and nice and silly at work.