Re: Vegetarianism

Posted By Mani Varadarajan (
06 Mar 1997 16:50:36 -0800

Daly de Gagne <> writes:
>Most of these quotations come from an excellent feature Hinduism Today
>did on vegetarianism a few years ago. The article stated: "There
>developed early in India an unparalleled concern for harmony among life
>forms, and this led to a common ethos based on non-injuriousness, and a
>minimal consumption of natural resources--in other words, to compassion
>and simplicity."

Do you really believe anything that Hinduism Today prints?
That rag is one of the largest repositories of misinformation
I have ever laid eyes on. Time and time again they misrepresent
the complexity of traditional Indian beliefs and philosophy.
This ``excellent'' article on vegetarianism is just the tip of
the iceberg.

This should not be construed as a rejection of vegetarianism
as a value, but from a critical standpoint, India has not had
an ``unparalleled concern'' for harmony among life forms,
and has not had a common ethos of non-injuriousness. This may
have been true among the educated, religious elites, or among
sects such as the Jains, but most others have relatively
freely eaten meat and fish if they could afford to do so.

Ancient Sanskrit and Tamil literature is replete with examples
of popular feasts where meat was served. It should then come as
no surprise that KFC and McDonald's are among the most popular
places to eat today.

This is not to say this is good; only that it is true.