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Re: Hinduisim and Homosexuality

In article <2lntc1$kh4@ucunix.san.uc.edu>,
Deepak@harbinger.cc.monash.edu.au writes:

>I am trying to get information on the topic "Hinduisim and
Homosexuality >or Being Gay
>in India".
 I saw a film one year in the Margaret Mead Anthropological Film
Festival about Eunuchs...I don't remember what it was called (sorry!
I'm really bad with names and titles)  but it was amazingly
interesting. It did go pretty far in describing Indian attitudes
toward homosexuality, by way of the eunuch thing. Otherwise, check in
Multicultural queer journals...not as rare as you might think. I
remember reading an interesting article by a lesbian from India...her
experience as a gay person. And hey, if you find anything out post it
here. I'm curious.  

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