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Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America -Seva Projects in USA

[ Article crossposted from soc.culture.indian ]
[ Author was Ajay Shah ]
[ Posted on 20 Oct 1994 18:57:54 GMT ]

A Summary of VHP Seva Projects Supported in USA

SEVA OFFICE: 167 Keats Avenue,  ELIZABETH, NJ 07208 Tel.:908 -289 -8077

Partial list of the institutions in America that have received
funds from seva projects:

     State                    Type           Organization
     California               Culture        Self Realization Fellowship
     Connecticut              Culture        Connecticut Valley Temple Society
     Connecticut              Hlth & Wlf     American Cancer Society
     Connecticut              Hlth & Wlf     Laryngectomy club- New Britain
     Connecticut              Hlth & Wlf     Yale Hospital -New Haven
     Connecticut              Edu & Soc      Salvation Army
     Connecticut              Edu & Soc      Conn Community College 
					     -Tuition Asst
     Florida                  Edu & Soc      Yoga Research Foundation
     Illinois                 Edu & Soc      Vivekanand Vedanta Society
     Illinois                 Edu & Soc      India Development Service
     Massachusetts            Culture        Chinmaya Mission
     Massachusetts            Edu & Soc      Sarswati Arts
     Massachusetts            Culture        Kripalu Ashram
     Maryland		      Edu & Soc      India Develop & Relief Fund
     Michigan		      Culture        Bhartiya Temple
     New York                 Culture        Arya Samaj
     New York                 Culture        Vaishnav Temple
     New York                 Edu & Soc      Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan
     New York                 Hlth & wlf     Prime Minister' Relief fund
     New York                 Hlth & Wlf     India Abroad -Hepatitis fund
     New York                 Edu & Soc      Covenant House
     New York                 Edu & Soc      India Festival Committee
     New York                 Edu & Soc      Heart & Hands for Handicapped
     New York                 Edu & Soc      Federation of Indian Association
     New York                 Edu & Soc      Maharastra Mandal
     New York                 Edu & Soc      Sindhu Sangam
     New York                 Edu & Soc      Kannad Koota, New York
     New Jersey               Hlth & Wlf     B. S. S.  Assam Relief fund
     New Jersey               Hlth & Wlf     Hindu Swayam Sevak Sangh
     New Jersey               Edu & Soc      India House of Worship
     New Jersey               Edu & Soc      Share & Care Foundation
     New Jersey               Edu & Soc      Gujarati Literacy Academy
     New Jersey               Culture        Ved Mandir
     New Jersey               Culture        India Cultural Society
     New Jersey               Culture        International Mahavir Jain Mission
     Pennsylvania             Culture        Raj Rajeswari Pitham
     Pennsylvania             Culture        P.M.V.S. Vraj Temple
     Pennsylvania             Culture        Arsh Vidya Gurukulam
     Virginia                 Edu & Soc      United Way -Alexandria
     Virginia                 Edu & Soc      Satchidanand Ashram
     Wisconsin                Hlth & Wlf     Combat Blindness
     West Virginia            Culture        Isckon

Posted By: Ajay Shah

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