As elaborate as these rituals sound, it would take up no more than few minutes per day!  and you do not need to do every ritual listed! Looking for Hindu Resources? : Check out The Hindu Universe

Your Day as a Hindu

Daily Prayers To Mother India

Tip : Here is a Easy way to do Bharat Bhakti Stotra and Ekatmata Stotra Every Day, just book mark this page, and then go over these two stotras slide shows every single day.
Bharat Bhakti Stotra
Hindus consider India (Bharat) as their holy land or Punya Bhoomi Bharat Mata (Mother India).  In the morning, they pay tribute to God, the holy mountains, holy rivers and holy temples of this great land.

Bharat Bhakti Stotra
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Ekatmata Stotra
A hymn to the unity of Bhatat Mata (Mother India).  This hymn pays tribute to Mother India, and the great men and women who built the Hindu civilization.

Ekatmata Stotra
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