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An Indian Lexicon

Phonetic guide


a     rut,at

a_/ law

a~_ long

/a~ un-

i it

i_ bee

i~_ been

/i~ in

u you

u_/ ooze

u~_ boon

/u~ june

e bet

e_ ate

e~_ bane

/e~ when,whey

o obese

o_ note

o~_  bone,one


m. mum

n: king

n~      nyet

h-/k- what

c     change

c. so

d then

d. dot

l.  rivalry

n. and


n-   new

r-  curl

r.  rug

r..  (zsh)

s  fuse

s.  shut

s'  sugar

t  both

t.  too