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Sememes: Indian

In the following vocabulary, some sememic and morphemic compounds are also included to illustrate the nature of phonemic transforms, while sustaining the substratum of semantic structures (e.g. gaun.d.a_ cowherd station; field near a village; goe~r. belt of land nearest homestead). Sememes, with possible phonemic variants, are listed under one 'semantic' group [e.g. gad. drip; gal drip]. This is the reason for not following a strict syllabic order in the list. The list includes words from south Asian languages without attempting to guess their proto-indic forms with an '*'.

These sememes should be distinguished from dha_tus or verb roots since the radicals span both nouns and verbs and also include attributive thoughts connoted, for example, by adjectives.

Many sememes listed in the following vocabulary are from Sanskrit which re-inforced the development of the literary structures of historical periods of all the languages flowing from proto-South Asian lingua franca. CDIAL (with comparative etymological groups collected over a period of 40 years until 1966) provides thousands of possible derivations or phonological reconstructions of 'old Indo-aryan form' in Sanskrit, within its 14,845 head-words. A magnificent attempt was made in the past by linguists of unsurpassed erudition, to identify the sememes of Indian languages. A notable result was the formation and delineation of the grammatical rules of the Sanskrit language [sam.skr.ta put together, completed (RV.); sakkhata put together, cooked, embellished (Pali); saku Sanskrit (Si.)].


am.h press

am.s'u filament shoulder

aks.a axle

aks.a dice

aks.i eye

aga_ra house

agni fire; an:ga_ra glowing charcoal

agra top, front

agha bad

an:g go

an:ga limb; an:gu-li finger, toe; an:gus.t.ha thumb

accha clear, transparent

aj drive

aja goat

ac bend

aj anoint

ajali hollowed hands placed together

at. wander about

at.t.a boiled rice

at.t.a high; ati beyond, over; adhi above, on

ad.a screen (Kui)

ad.i heel (Ta.)

an.i, a_n.i linch-pin; ani_ka face, front, point, edge, row (RV.)

an.u millet; fine, minute

atta_ mother; attai mother-in-law, aunt (Ta.)

ad eat

adhah. below, under

adhvan road

an breathe

anas wagon

anta end, proximity (RV.); inside (R.); anti near (RV.); antar inside (RV.); a_ntra entrail (RV.)

antara different

and bind

andha blind

ap water (RV.); ambhas water (RV.); abhra cloud, rainy weather (RV.)

apara posterior (RV.)

apatya offspring (RV.)

api also, even (RV.)

ama_ at home (RV.)

amb go

ambara circumference

amba_ mother (RV.)

amla sour, acid

aya going

ayam this

ayas iron, metal (RV.)

ara spoke of a wheel (RV.); a_ra spoke

aran.a distant, foreign (RV.); desert

aram fitly, readily (RV.)

aru sun

arc shine

arn.ava sea, wave (RV.)

artha aim; wealth

ard hurt; a_rta pained, injured

ardha part, place (AV.)

ardha half (RV.)

arpya fixed; entrusted

aryamya intimate

arh be worth

arka flash, ray, sun (RV.)

ala point, sting

alaka curl, lock of hair

alasa inactive

ala_ta fire-brand [li torchwood (Sh.)]

alin black bee; scorpion; a_la_kta smeared with poison (RV.)

alpa small (AV.)

ava away, down (RV.); avara lower, nearer (RV.)

avat.a pit

avas'ya_ dew

avi sheep (RV.)

as' reach; am.s'a part (RV.); as'i_ti eighty; as.t.a_ eight (RV.)

as'ri sharp side, corner, angle, edge; id. (Pali.Pkt.)

as'ru tear (RV.)

as'va_ horse (RV.)

as'vattha the tree ficus religiosa (AV.)

as' eat

as.t.i kernel of fruit

as.t.hi bone

as be

as throw

asi sword (RV.)

asr.j blood (RV.)

asau that (RV.)

asta home (RV.)

asmad base of obl. cases plur. of 1st pers. pronoun

ana pron. stem; thus (RV.); as his (Bshk.); -a_ here; today (RV.); atha then, and (RV.); adhuna now

aham I (RV.)

ahar day (RV.)

a_kara mine, accumulation (R.)

a_kula confused (MBh.)

a_kr.ta arranged, built (RV.)

a_t. flour (Bshk.)

a_n.d.a egg (RV.)

a_tman breath, soul (RV.)

-a_da taking; cf. da_ya_dya inheritance

a_di beginning

a_ditya son of Aditi, names of seven deities, esp. of the sun (RV.)

a_p obtain, reach

a_bhi_ra herdsman

a_m yes (Pa_n..)

a_ma raw (RV.); grain not yet freed from chaff; a_mis. raw flesh (RV.)

a_ma constipation

a_mra mango tree

a_ya_ti comes near (RV.)

a_yus. life (RV.)

a_ra near

a_ru hog

a_rdra wet (RV.)

a_rya noble, respectable

a_laya house, receptacle (Ya_j.)[li_ cling to]

a_li row, range, line

a_s'a_ wish, expectation (AV.)

a_s sit; a_sana sitting (AV.)

a_sya mouth (RV.); face (Ya_j.)

a_ha_ra food; fetching [hr. take, carry]

a_hu trough of water (S.)

i pronominal stem; iti thus (RV.); itara the other; pl. the rest (RV.); iyant so much (RV.); i_dr.s'a such, like this

i go; ita gone (RV.); e_ti goes (RV.)

in:kh move; in:g move

id.vara bull to be set at liberty; e_t.ate_ goes two coverings of muja grass to protect from fire; idhma fuel (RV.); indh kindle; indra the god Indra (RV.); inda (Pali.); i~_dr name of a god (Kt.); yudur clear sky (Kho.); i_dhriya belonging to the clear sky

indu drop (RV.); drop, spark (TS.)

ibha elephant

ili short sword, cudgel (B.)

ilih the fish clupea alosa (A.)

is. throw; is.t.i_ impulse (RV.); r.s. thrust; r.s.t.i spear, lance (RV.); is.i_ka_ reed used as an arrow (AV.); is.u arrow (RV.)

is. seek; is.t.a sought, beloved (RV.); i_h desire; i_ha_ wish; e_s.a seeking

is.t.i sacrifice (TS.)[yaj sacrifice]

is.t.aka_ brick (VS.)

iha here (RV.)

i_ks. see

i_n:kh move to and fro

i_d. praise

i_r move

i_rs.ya_ envy (AV.)

i_s' be master of; i_s'vara capable of; master (AV.); ais'varya supremacy

i_s. move; i_s.a_ pole of carriage or plough

u particle of emphasis (RV.)

uks. sprinkle

ukha cooking-pot (AV.)

u~_g sleep (H.)

ucca tall; ucca_ above (RV.); uta_r. high land, upland (L.P.)

uca_t. impatience (G.)

uccaya gathering, collection (MBh.)[ci heap up]

cayate_ takes vengeance on (RV.)[ci avenge]

uta and, even, or (RV.)

utka longing for (Pa_n..)

ud in composition with verbs denotes 'up' and 'out'; with nouns 'without'; with adjectives 'emphasis'; uttara upper (RV.); uttama the highest (RV.)

udaya rise (RV.)

udara belly (RV.)

uta_ho_ interrogative particle (MBh.)

utsava enterprise (RV.); festival (MBh.)

upa up to, upon, above, near (RV.); upakr.ta helped (Pa_n..)

ubh weave

umbi_ fried stalks of wheat or barley

ura_ ewe (RV.); uran.a young ram; u_rn.a_ wool (RV.)

r.n.a debt (RV.)

uras breast (RV.)

uru wide (RV.)

urvara_ fertile land (RV.); ubro surplus (N.)

ulu_khala a wooden mortar (RV.)

ulka meteor (RV.); ud.u star

u_th lip (Pas'.); u_s.t. lip (Wg.); o_s.t.ha lip (RV.)

us.t.ra buffalo (RV.); camel (MBh.); bull drawing a plough (RV.); ot.ho of a camel (S.)

yu_s.t. bank of a river (Kt.)

u_s.a salt ground (TS.)

ut.a leaves or grass used for thatching; od.hur screen (L.); screen (H.); ut.u to dress (Ta.)

or.a drawn line, furrow (S.); or.e ca_sa one ploughing (P.)

ud.ra, aud.ra, o_d.ra a tribe of S'u_ras; od.d.a the land of Utkala (Pkt.); od. a tribe that clear out watercoursees or build houses (P.)[um.d.a deep (Pkt.)]

us.n.a hot (RV.); usra ray, sun, day; uste~ first morning light (M.); vyus. dawn [vas shine]

u_d.ha drawn, married (Pkt.)

u_dhas udder (RV.)

un. uneven, odd (of numbers)(Ku.); u_na deficient (AV.)[in composition with numerals with re-formation after the uncompounded form, e.g. eko_na less by one]

u_ru thigh (RV.)

u_rjas vigour, strength; o_jas strength, vigour, vitality (RV.)[vajra thunderbolt (RV.)]; oju force, rapidity, height (S.); oj life, vitality (M.)

u_rdhva erect, being above (RV.)

u_h thrust

u_h surmise

ojh entrails (H.)

r. move

r.ks.a bear (animal)(RV.)

r.ju straight, honest (RV.); r.j straighten

r.tu any fixed time, season (RV.)

r.dh prosper

r.s.abha bull (RV.)

e_ka one (RV.); ae_va one (Av.)

e_d.a a kind of sheep; el.aka ram, wild goat (Pali)

e_s.a nom. sg. this (RV.)

e_la_ cardamum (Pali)

e_va just so, indeed (RV.); e_vam thus (RV.)

okkia vomit (Pkt.)

gr soup (Turk.); oggara a kind of rice or grain (Pkt.)

oppa rubbed, polished (Pkt.)

o_lla wet; odda wet [ud wet] ud wet; udan water (RV.); udanyati is very thirsty (Pa_n..); o_dana boiled rice (Ka_s'. on Pa_n..)

ol hostage (H.); ulla debt (Pkt.); ol tribute (N.)

o_gha flood (Skt.); okanda great flood (Si.); o_gha quantity (MBh.)

o_s.adhi herb, medicinal herb (RV.)

ka- interrogative pron.

ka- nom. sg. anyone; ko (G.P.) metal cup (AV.)

kakud peak (AV.); ku_ cow's hump (Kt.); kakubh peak (RV.)

kakkat.a a large deer (Pali)

kakkhat.a solid, hard; kat.hina hard, stiff; kat.t.u hardness (Ta.); karkara, karkas'a, khara hard, firm; khas harsh, rough (B.)

kat.o_ra cup; cf. karo_t.i cup, skull; kat.a_ha boiler

kaks.a armpit (RV.); groin (AV.); ka_ci_ girdle

kan:kata comb (AV.)

kan:ku a panic seed, panicum italicum; kajika sour rice gruel (Pali)

kajjala lamp-black (Pali.Pkt.) snake's slough (Pkt.)

kat.a mat (TS.); grass; thin piece of wood

kad.appa collection, bundle (Pkt.)

kat.i hip, buttocks; mountain side

kat.u pungent, bitter (RV.)

kat.t.a_ buffalo calf (L.P.)

kad.d.hati pulls (Pali)

kan.a a grain of corn (AV.)

katth boast

kath speak

kadala the banana plant musa sapientum

kana girl (RV.)

kantha_ wall; -kantha in cmpd. town (Pa_n..)

kantha_ rag, cloth

kandarpa the god of love

kavad.d.a big cowry (Pkt.); kambu shell, conch (Pali)

kavat.i_ leaf of a door

kauli_ armful (P.)

kapa_la skull, beging bowl, frying-pan, potsherd (Pali)

kapi monkey

kam desire

kamp tremble

kambala woollen blanket (AV.)

kambala dewlap

kara doing, causing (AV.); hand (RV.); karan.a act, deed (RV.)[kr. do; -kr.t in cmpds. 'doing']

kara tax (Pa_n..)

kara moving [car move]

karaka water vessel (Pali); karwa_ pot for pouring water on plaster (Bi.)

karan.d.a basket (Pali)

karabha camel; elephant

karaka hail (Pali); karkara stone

karam.ka skeleton, begging bowl (Pkt.)

kari_s'a dung

kari_sa a measure of seed; karisa dragging (Pkt.)[kr.s. pull]

karun.a mournful [kr. call]

karkat.a crab

karn.a ear (RV.)

ka_n. rim of a vessel (A.); ka_n.a_ brim of a cup (B.); karn.a handle of a vessel (RV.); karn.a end, tip

ka_n.i_ ornamental swelling out in a vessel (B.)

ka_n.a one-eyed (RV.)

ka_rin.i_ guardian, heir (S.); kul-karn.i_ village accountant (M.); ka_ran.a cause [kr. do]

kar when (K.); karhi (Pa_n..)

karj, kharj oppress

kel.i sheep (Kho.)

kallo_la gambol

karta cutting [kr.t cut]; ka_ti_ knife (Or.); ka_t.a knife (Ash.)

kattika_ (Pali); kr.ttika_ pleiades (AV.)

karttr. spinner (MBh.); kattai spins (Pkt.)[kr.t spin]

karpat.a patched garment; karpa_sa the cotton plant, gosypium herbaceum

karman act, work [kr. do; kr.ta deed (RV.)]; ka_ra doing (Pali.Pkt.); ka_ri

artisan, worker (Pa_n..)

ka_ra song (RV.); -ka_ra in cmpds. descriptive of sounds [kr. call]

ka_ra heap of snow [kr._ scatter]

kal count, think; kala_ any practical art (R.); kalya clever, well (MBh.);

kalya_n.a beautiful, lucky (RV.)

kal impel; kalya spirituous liquor

kal sound indistinctly

kala dumb, indistinct; kalya deaf and dumb

kalaha quarrel (Pali); kalahaka_ra quarrelsome (Pa_n..)

kala_ a small part (RV.)

kali_ the losing die with one dot (AV.)

kalpana cutting; kalpa capable; kappa rule, rite, age (Pali)[kl.p prepare]

kavala mouthful (MBh.)

kas. rub

kas.a_ya yellowish red, astringent (Ya_j.)

kas.t.a bad, difficult; dangerous (Pa_n..)

kas go, move; ka_sa moving (Pa_n..); -ga going [in cmpds., e.g. uraga snake (Pa_n.: uras- breast, ga-; padga afoot: pad- foot, ga-]; gam go (RV.); gacchati goes (RV.); ga_ come, go

ka_sa_ cough (AV.)

ka-, ka_, kad-, kim perjorative prefix; ka_gni a small fire

ka_n:ks. wish for

ka_ca glass (Pali); ka_cana gold (Pali)

ka_ca carrying pole (Pali)

ka_nta_ra forest (MBh.); ka_nana forest (R.)

ka_la time (AV.); ka_le_ tomorrow (K.)

ka_s' shine

ka_s'a a grass used for mats (Kaus'.)

ka_s.t.a piece of wood; kat.t.ha (Pali.Pkt.); ker.u firewood (WPah.)

gat.i_ piece of elephant's tusk (S.)

gat.t. stopper (P.)

gad.a young of the fish, ophiocephalus lata or cyprinus garra

gar.i lazy bullock (B.Or.)

kan.t.a thorn

kan.d.ha_ bank, shore (P.)

kan.d. pound, strike; gandh hurt

gandha smell (RV.)

kan.d. be glad

ga_t.a_ piece of land (H.); gar.o field (Ku.); ga_l.u small field (Kho.); karda swamp; kalala mud (Pali); ga_l. mud (M.); gacc mud, mortar (P.); kaccha marshy land (Pali); kha_char. river bank (P.); kacch, ka_cch measurement of a field (P.)

ga_t.a_ nape of neck (L.); throat (S.); kha_t.karo_ti clears the throat (Pa_n.); kr.ka_t.ika_ joint of neck; ki_a_r.i_ nape of neck (L.); kan.t.ha throat, neck; kandhara neck (Ya_j.); gala throat, dewlap (Pali); gal swallow; gara swallowing (Pa_n..)[gr._ swallow]

gan.d.a goitre, boil; gal.a hump on back (Pa_n.. Va_rtt.)

ga_d.a_ carriage, cart (M.)

ga_t.a_ wrist (Bhoj.); ga_tra limb (RV.)

ga_tra_ inner peg of yoke (L.)

gai sing; ga_tu song (RV.); ga_ndharva relating to singers (RV.)

ga~_t.a_ strong but short, stout, knobbly (B.); ga_dh stand firm

ga_dha fordable (Pali); vai-ga_ ford, stream (Sh.)[vaikai name of a river (Ta.)]; ga_ha depth (RV.); ga_h dive into; ga_d.ha

gali_ mountain pass (Pas'.); lane (H.)

gava cow or bull; go_ ox, cow (RV.); ga_va ox (Pali)

ga_va stone, mountain (Pkt.); gra_van stone for pressing soma (RV.); gha_van stone mortar (M.); gha_n.a mill (Pkt.)

ga_hu bait for fish, birds, etc. (S.)[gras swallow]

ga_ha crocodile (Pkt.); gra~_ (Sh.)[grah seize]

gha~t. protuberance of snout of crocodile (A.); ghan.t.ika_ alligator; gha~r.iya_l (A.B.)

gahwa_ pincers [grah seize]

gan.d.a rhinoceros; rhinoceros, golan. to look for, search (L.)

goha hiding-place (RV.); gup protect; go_payati guards; gowna_, gona_ to hide (H.)

go_ha soldier, village headman (Pkt.);

goho husband (M.)

go_nasa a large snake; a boa constrictor(M.); gunas a short thick poisonous snake (K.)

go_pa_nasi_ inverted v-shaped rafter supporting the framework of a roof (Pali)

go_n.a ox (Pali)

go_n.a- sack, woollen rug (Pali)

go~r.i_ long feeding trough of sun-dried mud (Bi.)[go_ cow; kun.d.i pot (Pali)]; ku_t.a pitcher; kut.a water-pot, pitcher; kud.uba a measure of grain (Pali); kud.ua_ leather vessel (Pkt.)

go_t. house (Wg.); gotti relative (Pkt.); gotta clan (Pali) go_tra cowpen, enclosure (RV.); gaun.d.a_, gon.d.a_, go~r.a_ cowpen, sheepfold, cowherd station (H.)[go_ cow, vr.nda heap, multitude (MBh.); vam.da collection, herd (Pkt.); bi~_d. heap, bundle (of straw, etc.); bi~_d.i_ hair plaited behind (H.); bi~_d.iya_ an ox yoked in front of a pair or two pairs (H.)]; ga~_dru~, go~dru, ga~_dro, go~dro village pasture, confines of a village (G.); ga~_vadar, ga_vadri_ village precincts (M.) go_r herd of cows (Pas'.); gojuro (OSi.); go_cara pasture, food (Pali) go_dhana herd of cows (MBh.); cow station (R.); gohana track, path (OAw.)[go_ cow, dhan. herd (WPah.); dhan wealth in cattle (B.)] goho pathway made by animals in the jungle (N.)[go_ cow, patha way] go_va_t.a hurdle for cattle [go_ cow, va_t.a enclosure, fence]; gwa_r. cattle shed (Ku.); gowa_ri_, gua_ri_ cowhouse, dwelling house, family (H.) go_s.t.ha cow-house (RV.); got.t.ha cowpen (Pali); got.h pasture land, herd, flock (B.) got house (Chil.); gohth place where sheep are penned for the night in the high ranges (P.); got.ha_lo herdsman (N.)[go_s.t.ha cow-house, pa_la protector (R.)]

dhan run; dhanayati sets in motion; dhan.i_van. to put to bull (of cows)(L.)

godho bull (G.); godhu~ young bull (G.); godhalu entire bull (OG.)[go_ cow, dhava man (Naigh.); husband]; goru~ cow, ox (Or.); ox, horned cattle (Bi.); gon.-geri ox (Si.); go_rwa_ bull (Gypsy)[go_ cow, ru_pa form, beauty (RV.)]

ga_vd.a_ village official (M.); ga_mau_d.a village headman (Pkt.); gra_ma-ku_t.a chief of a village (of S'u_dra)[gra_ma village, ku_t.a summit, peak];ga~_va~_di_ neighbour (L.); gaa~tia_, gantia_ village headman (Or.); gra_ma_nta border of a village [gra_ma village, anta border (RV.)]; gava~_d.h neighbourhood (P.)

gra_ma troop, village (RV.); giram clan, village (Burushaski); ga_ma village (Pali); ga~_v (Marw.) horn of ibex (S.)

dan.d.i beam of balance (Or.)

da~_r.a_ stick (A.)

d.a~_r.i line (Mth.)l; d.a~_d. weal, stripe (L.)

dan.d.a_ side piece of a cart

goe~r., goe~r.a_, go~r.ha_, gau~r.ha_ belt of land nearest homestead (Bi.); goe~r., goe~r.a_ richly manured land near houses (Mth.); go~ir. neighbourhood of a village (Brj.); gaun.d.a_, gon.d.a_ field near a village (H.); gova~d. cow path (esp. over hill pasture); go~d. lane in village between enclosures; gur-dan.d. cattle track (M.)[go_ cow, da_n.d.a, d.a~_r.a main road of a village (Or.)][d.a~_r. field boundary (Bi.)]; goera_, goira_ well manured land on the outskirts of a village (P.)[go_ cow, ?s'akr.t dung (RV.)]

got.a numerative particle (Mth.); got.a_ seed, whole (B.); nut (Ta.)

go_la ball; gud.a globe, ball

gor. foot, leg (B.)

gol.ya_ small earthen vessel (M.); go_la large waterjar

gollo devotee of goddess (G.)

go_dhika_ alligator; gohi (Mth.); go_laka lizard

go_dhu_ma wheat (VS.); gehu~_ (S.)

kum.ta spear (Pkt.); spike of a top (S.); kunda a turner's lathe; cunda wood or ivory work

ku_t.a ploughshare (Pali)

gan.d.a joint of a plant; kan. joint of bamboo or sugarcane (Ta.); ka_n.d.a single joint of a plant (AV.TS.)

gan.d.ho four in counting (S.)

gadra_ spotted (L.); karbara spotted, variegated

kana_r bamboo goad for young elephants (Mth.)

gal.a hook (Pali)

gad. mixed with (Pas'.)

gad.hai forms (Pkt.); gar.hna_ to form by hammering (H.)

gad. drip; gal drip; garan.a dripping [gr._ drip]; ga_l. dregs (Kho.)

girai says [gr._ declare, praise]

ka_car small bit (G.)

kacchapa turtle, tortoise (Pali)

kacchu_, khas itch; kan.d.u_ itch

ger, gel itch (Gypsy)

kacol. little metal vessel to hold rice (M.); kat.ora_ small open-mouthed cup (P.); gad.u_ drinking cup (M.); gd.uwa small metal pot (K.); kal.a-ged.iya waterpot; ghat.a pot; kandu iron pot

gad.ha fort (Pkt.)

gan.a troop, flock (RV.)

gan.ana counting (Pa_n..)

gad.d.ari_ goat, ewe (Pkt.)

ga_ta hole (Or.); garta hole; gad.d.a hole (Pkt.); karta, khalla hole; khad.d.a_ hole, cave (Pkt.); kha_tra hole

khop hole (H.); khappa_ hole (L.); ku_pa hole (RV.); well (Pali)

gi~h house (WPah.); ge_dha, ge_ha house (VS.); gr.ha house (RV.); gaha (Pali); gr.hin possessing a house (TS.); gihi householder (Pkt.)

gem.dua ball for play (Pkt.)

gijaka_- brick (Pali)

kucika_, guja_ abrus precatorius

ghi_can.u to drag (S.); khijn.a_ to pull (P.);

garda seat

garbha womb, foetus (RV.)

garva pride, arrogance (R.)

garh abuse

gamba mud building (S.); ga_br.i_ filling of a hole (G.); gabhi_ra deep (RV.); gambhan depth (VS.); gahvara deep (TS.); jamba mud

jambha tusk; jaws (RV.)

ke_da_ra irrigated field (Pali); kya_ro (G.); ka_rr.o rice plot (G.)

ke_varta fisherman (VS.)

kit. fear

kit.t.a secretion; lees (Pkt.)

kim what? why? interrogative particle (RV.)

kittaka how much or many (Pali); kuti anything (Pas'.)

kiraka scribe; kera_ clerk (B.)

kut.a lame (Ash.); kho_ra lame

kiran.a dust (RV.); ray of light (MBh.)[kr._ scatter]

kira_t.a merchant; cila_ti_ woman of this tribe

ki_t.a insect (Pali)

ki_rt recite, praise

ki_la stake, peg, tumour

kukkut.a cock (VS.)

kuc bend, contract; kut. bend; kun.t.ha blunt, lame, bent (Pali)

kod.a youth (Ka.)

kun.d.ala ring (Pali)

kudda_la spade, hoe (Pali)

kud.a tree (Pkt.)

kut.i_ hut (Pali)

kud.ya wall (Ya_j.)

kut.umba household (ChUp.)

kun.a insect living in clothes

kutta rent, lease (Pkt.)

kuts abuse

kuth rot

kunth, krunth suffer pain

kup shake, be angry; cf. ko_pa anger

gur raise

gur praise [gr._ declare, praise]

kuma_ra boy (RV.)

kumbha jar, pot (RV.)

kumbhi_la Gangetic crocodile (Pali); kubir (N.)

kur ploughshare

kuran:ga antelope

kurkura dog (AV.)

kula herd, troop (RV.); race, family (Pa_n..); clan, household (Pali); kulika kinsman (Ya_j.)

kula_vaka nest (Pali); gu_d.e nest (Tu.Ka.)

kulattha the pulse dolichos uniflorus

kus. strike

kus.t.hala rice field (Pa_n..); kut.hal (WPah.)

kusi_ta lazy (Pali)

kus'i_ small wooden pin used to mark in recitation; khuca peg (Or.); khu~c indentation (G.); khum.t.a peg, post (Pkt.)

kho~c cut, tear (P.); combun to pierce, bore (K.); kompu horn (Ta.); cobnu to pierce (K.); gopan.u to splice (S.); gopnu to pierce, stab (N.)

kut. break; kut.t. beat, break; kut.ha_ra axe (R.)

khorna_ grain-parcher's poker (Mth.Bi.)

khu~t. Brahmani bull (G.); khu~_dhi hump on the back (G.); kubja humpbacked (VS.); khun.d.a_ crooked-horned (L.); khubar. hump on the back (M.); khumle bent (N.); ku_t.a hornless

kusu_la granary for rice or other grain (Pkt.); kuseli_ cornbin (Pas'.)

kuha fog, mist

kuh deceive; ku_t.a deceit (Pali)

ku_d.a trap, snare (Pkt.)

ku_l burn; ku_layati, ku_d.ayati burns (RV.); kun.d.ati burns (Pali); kullad.a stove (Pkt.)

ku_la bank of river, slope (Pali); declivity (RV.)

ku_ cry out

ku_t.a sledgehammer (Pali)

ku_t.a heap (Pali); summit (Pali); ko_t.i summit (Pali)

ko_t.i end (Ta.)

ku_pa mooring post, mast; ku_mpu cone-shaped pinnacle of chariot (Ta.)

ku_rma tortoise (VS.)

ku_pa leather oil vessel

ku_rca bunch, bundle of grass (TS.)

kr.p lament

kr.mi insect, worm (AV.)

kr.s'a lean, thin (RV.)

kr.s. pull

kr.s.n.a dark blue, black (RV.)

kr._ scatter; char.a_na to scatter (B.); cat. to scatter (Pas'.)

char.a spear-shaft (Or.)

chat.a_ mass, lump

kr._ hurt

kl.p prepare

ke_sara in cmpd. 'mane' (Pali)

koka_ tack nail (H.)

kot.t.a, kut.t.a fort (Pkt.)

kod.i twenty (Juang); kod. (M.)

kor.i_ breast of a quadruped (L.); kro_d.a breast (AV.)

ko_n.a corner, angle (Pali); khu~_j corner (P.); khun corner (Phal.); kut.a_ heel (Ash.); khura hoof (Pali.Pkt.)

kotthali_ sack (Pali)

ko_dravaka a grain, paspalum scrobiculatum (BHSkt.)

kur-ai sprout (Ta.)

ko_la crooked (Dm.); ko_t.illa (Pali)

ko_t.ikar weaver (Ta.); koli_ (H.)

ko_sa sheath

ko_sa storeroom (Pali); ko_s.t.ha granary (MBh.); kot.t.ha (Pali)

krand cry

krand step, tread

kram step

kris'n.o to comb (WPah.)

kri_ barter

kri_d. sport

kruc curve

krudh be angry

krus' cry, call

klam be tired

klav fear

klid wet; gilla wet (Pkt.)

klo_man lungs (VS.)

kvan. sound

kvath boil

ks.aj go, approach cut up; to lop (L.); chid cut injure

ks.ap destroy, throw away endure flow; flow, wash; jha_ra_ stream of water from the perforated bottom of a pot to water a plant (B.)

jha_l gilding (P.)

ks.a_ra corrosive (R.)

ks.i dwell; ks.e_tra land (RV.)

ks.i perish

ks.i_n.a worn away

ks.i_ba drunk

ks.i_ra milk (RV.)

ks.u sneeze

ks.ip throw

chut.t.a released (Pkt.)

ks.ud trample

ks.up press

ks.ubh shake

ks.uma_ flax, hemp

ks.ur cut, scrape burn; jhas. burn; zah heat (A.); jvar burn; jval burn; jhai burn; za~_u vitrified brick (A.)[ks.a_ma charring]

kho_d.a boundary post (Pkt.)

khakkh laugh; kan laugh

khac project, be studded

kha~_c basket; khat.a thatching grass

khat. wish

khat.ika_ chalk; gairika_ red chalk; ge_ruka yellow ochre (Pali)

khat.u_ anklet

khad.u_ bier; khad.aka bolt, post; khoru standing

khan.d. break

khan.d.u sugar

kan.d.uva_ upper garment (Te.); kha_di rough cloth (N.); kha_rva_ coarse red cloth (P.)

khadika_ fried grain

khan dig

khara donkey

kharat.a crackling sound

kharvat ficus scrabriuscula, a fig-tree

khara_yo hare

kharju_raka scorpion

kharpara skull; khopr.i_ skull (Ku.)

kharva mutilated, imperfect

khal shake; khala threshing floor

kilar rises (Gypsy)

khalla leather

khali_ oilcake

khalu certainly

khal, kharal mortar (H.); ga_ra_ thin mud used for mortar [gr._ drip]

khavaya shoulder (Pkt.)

khasnu to fall (N.); khisai slips (Pkt.)

khasun to lift up (K.)

khassan. snatch (L.)

kha_d eat [ca_tam food (Ta.)]

kha_ra a grain measure (Pa_n..)

khicca_ dish of rice and peas; kisa_ri_ lentil, lathyrus sativus (H.)

khir.a_eb to spread (Mth.)

khi~d. mountain pass (M.)

kholl to open (S.); khi_d. mountain pass; khilan. to open (L.); khila unploughed land (AV.);khid tear, press; ploughs (Pkt.); khe_da fatigue (Pali); khedo pursuit (G.)

khilla boil (Pkt.)

khili roll (of betel)(N.)

khisi mockery, scorn (N.)

ku_pa leather oil-vessel

guccha, guja, ku_rca bunch, cluster

kudan.u leaps, jumps (S.); ku_rd leap

ku_rpara elbow; kappara (Pali)

klo_m roof (Ash.); ku_rma tortoise (VS.)

khol sheath, case (P.)

khulla hut (Pkt.)

kr.cchra painful, miserable

kher.o shield (S.)

khe_d.a town with an earth rampart (Pkt.); kherni plot of ground covered with thatching grass (A.)

khe_t.a, ks.ve_d.a phlegm

ke_l- play; toy (Pkt.)

kes' silk, silk threads (Gypsy)

khokho anything withered and dried up (S.)

kho~go fish-trap of basketwork (N.)

khoj clue (N.); footprint (A.)

kho_d.i fault (Pkt.)

khodna_ to dig, carve (H.); kotarvu~ (G.)

khop hut (M.); kho~p (Mth.)

khop hair-knot (N.)

khya_ make known

gagana atmosphere (Ya_j.)

gaja treasury; grainstore

gaj heap (P.)

gam.ja hemp, cannabis sativa (Pkt.)

garj roar

gargara churn

gard cry

granth tie, knot

grabh, grah take

gras swallow

girum whirlpool (Wg.); ge_run to surround (K.); gherm I turn round (Kal.); gham.gho_ra constantly turning (Pkt.); ghulai turns (Pkt.); ghummai turns round (Pkt.) ghut. turn; gholn.o to stir, mix (Ku.)

ghumt.o woman's headcloth (N.)

ghun.d.i_ knot of thread, tangle (S.)

gruc rob

glai be weary

gha, gha_ particle of emphasis (RV.); ga also, even, and (Sh.)

ghat.a pot (Pali)

ghar.n.a_ to carve (WPah.); to shape, hammer (G.)[ghana hammer (AV.)]

gha_r.u_ carpenter; ghat.ayati joins; ghat. form, mould; jad.n.e~ to join, inlay (M.)

gat.-i_t married her (Bshk.);  gha_d.a friendship (Pkt.)

gha_t.a_ nape of neck (Pali)

gha_ta killing [han kill]

ghat.a_ collection, mass; gat.n.i income (Sh.); ghat.t.ana_ means of living (Pa_n..)

ghat.t. touch, rub; to decrease (L.)

ghat.t.a landing place (Pkt.)

ghara house (BHSkt.); kher (Gypsy)

ghas eat

gha_ra sprinkling; gha_r ravine (H.)

ghur make a noise

ghus. call, shout

ghr. trickle

ghr. be hot; ghr.ta clarified butter (RV.)

ghattisam. gives (Pkt.); ghetla_ taken (M.); gat, git took (Wot..)

ghr.s. rub, pound

gheg goitre (N.)

gho_n:gha shell

gho_t.a horse

ghra_ smell

ca enclitic: and (RV.)

caur. flat space, field (Ku.); catur- in cmpds.; catuh. four times (RV.); caraya meeting place in a village (Pkt.)

cak be frightened; cakna_ be bewildered (H.); cakita frightened (Pali)

cak be satisfied

cakra wheel (RV.)

caks. appear (N.); ca_hai wishes (Pkt.); ci observe; cit observe;

citra conspicuous, bright (RV.)

cas. eat, taste; cat.t.e_i licks (Pkt.); car licks (Gypsy); carv chew; eats (Pkt.); ca_l. feast (N.); cat.t.ha_ watering trough for cattle (P.); ca_t.t.a_ large earthen vessel (P.); ca_d.u~ saucer-shaped vessel forming part of a lampstand (G.); cat.t.u wooden spoon (Pkt.)

cam sip; cam bread (Gypsy); jam eat (Pali); je_mana eating; jevn.i_ grain given to threshers as part wage (M.)

caghati strives after (As'.) clever, handsome; co_ks.a pure, clean; cokh (H.)

can:ger shallow basket (P.)

cacu beak; co_t.a beak (S.)

cat. fasten [kat.t.u (Ta.)]; cat.a_i_ matting (P.); cr.t fix

cat.aka sparrow

ced.a_ boy, son (M.); cella boy (Pkt.); romani-cel the gypsies (Gypsy)

cet.t.ha_ effort (Pkt.); ce_s.t.

can.a chickpea, cicer arietenum (Pkt.)

can.d.a fierce (Pali); ca~_r. strong (H.); can.d.a_la man of lowest and most despised caste (VS.); candal poor (Gypsy); sa~ra_l low-caste potter (A.)[jha_ri_ metal vessel with long neck (S.)]

catati hides oneself (RV.)

catura clever

catthari laughter (Pkt.)

cattra spindle; ca_tri_ axle of a spinning-wheel (G.)

cand shine

candana sandalwood (Nir.)

capet.a blow (S.); cot. blow (Sh.); chup wound (Wg.); cappai presses (Pkt.);

cipit.a flat, flatnosed (Pa_n..)

caya mound of earth as rampart of foundation, heap; cayana piling up (AV.); ci heap up; cita_ funeral pyre

cara moving (Pa_n.. gan.a); cal move, tremble; ca_lani_ pestle, mortar (Pali); ca_lan.i_ strainer, sieve (Pkt.)

caru_ large copper vessel used by dyers (S.)

carcara curled or woolly hair (RV.)

carcana laying on (an unguent)

carman hide, skin (RV.)

ca_s ploughing (B.); sa_h tilled (of land)(A.)

cavr.u~ coulter of plough (G.); cav-ta_le~ a harrow with 14 pins (M.); ca_pa bow (Pali)

cavai says (Pkt.)

casak acute pain (G.)

ca_co father's brother (S.)

ca_d.a stupid (Pkt.)[acat.u (Ta.)]; jad.a stupid

ca_ru agreeable (RV.)

ca_l thatch of a house (B.)

ci avenge [cayate_ takes vengeance on (RV.)]

cikura hair of head

cikan.u to distil, ooze out (S.); cihel wet oozy land (H.); cipph resin from pine trees (WPah.)

cikka small (Pkt.)

cin:gad.a shrimp; jhin:ga_ (P.)

jhin:gur cricket (P.); ci_ri_ cricket

cin:gha_r screech (P.)

cir. vexation (B.)

cin.ot.t.hi_ abrus precatorius (Pkt.)

citt prostrate on the back (P.)

cibuka chin (Ya_j.)

cimt.o tongs (S.); cimut.a_ pinching (Or.)

ciram. for long (RV.)

cillaa shining (Pkt.)

cit.t.ha_ account (P.)

cinha, cihana mark, sign (Pali)

citti crackling (RV.)

ci_na millet, panicum miliaceum

ci_ra bark, fibre (Pali); ce_la cloth, garment (Pali); challi bark, bast (Pali); cha_la bark

ci_s sudden pain (P.)

cukvu~ to fail, miss (G.)

cukra sour, sharp to the taste

cug peck

son:ga_ joint of bamboo, bamboo tube (A.); co~ga_ (H.)

cu_cuka nipple (R.)

cu_ttu anus (Ta.)

cud impel; co_da goad (RV.)

cup to be silent (Pas'.)

cumb kiss

cu_d.a topknot on head; protuberance on brick; caula tonsure ceremony; jat.a_ matted hair (Pali); ju_t.a twisted hair; jhakut.o woman's hair (Phal.); jham.t.i_ small bunch of hair (Pkt.); jhu~t. chignon (B.)

jhan:gu jungle (S.); jhall jungle (L.); bush (WPah.); jha_t.a forest, arbour; jhumu thicket (S.)

jhaur. attack (P.); jhapo pounce (S.); jha_l sudden leap (G.)

jha_po lid (N.)

ca_ula_ husked rice (Pkt.)

cu_d.a bracelet

cu_ra powder (Pkt.); cun.n.a powder (Pali); powder, esp. lime; cu_rn.aka ground corn, etc.

cur hole in the ground for fire (P.); cun.d.ya small well; cu_d.a small (BHSkt.); culla small (Pali.Pkt.); cun.d.ati becomes small

kullad.a small vessel, fireplace (Pkt.); culli_ fireplace

ku_la bank of river (Pali); kholo small river, valley (N.); kulya small river, canal, ditch (RV.)

culu handful of water

cu_s. suck; cah (K.); cappu (Ta.)

cokar bran (P.)[cakkai (Ta.)]

cot.t.u to steal (Ta.); co_ra thief (Pali)

co_d.a jacket (BHSkt.)

cyu move

cyut trickle

chaga dung (Pkt.); s'aka, s'akr. (AV.); cakana (Pali)

cha_knu to drink by letting water drop into mouth (N.); sa_k palm of hand hollowed to hold water or grain (M.)

chaga goat

chaju winnowing fan (S.)

chad seem, please [chajan.a decoration (Ku.)]

chad cover; chandas deceit [cadi (Ta.)]; chana shed (S.)

cha~_d tether

chandas incantation, sacred text, metre (RV.)

chattra parasol; cha_ta_ mushroom (B.H.)

chattra_ ram (P.)

chapun to be hidden (K.)

chapa_ impression, seal (Mth.)

chambhe_ti is stiff (esp. with fear)(Pali)

chardati vomits; cha~_r.na_ to leave (OH.)[chr.d eject, leave]

chal stumble, deceive

chal.ko splash (G.)

chavi skin (Pali)[sku cover]; cha_ya shade, shadow, reflection (RV.)

chail handsome (P.)

cha_ti_ chest (S.P.)

cha_ young animal; s'a_va (MBh.)[cavalai (Ta.)]; chavo boy (Gypsy); chokro boy (G.)

chikka_ sneeze

chikka_ra an antelope to sprinkle (N.); to be sifted (G.)

chirnu to pierce (N.)

chillia torn (Pkt.); chila peel, bark, skin, shell (S.)

chut. get loose, release, throw; chut.t.ha thrown (Pkt.)[ks.ut.]

chup touch

chupna_ to be hidden (H.)

chur strew

che_ka clever [s'ikvan skilful (RV.)]

cho_ cut

ja- in cmpds. 'born'

jaghan.a hinder part (RV.)

jhakna_ cover of a grain pot (Bi.)

jad.ya chilliness

zatt gypsies of Arabia and Syria (Gypsy); jat.u Sindhi peasant, Musalman (S.)

jad.ula mole, freckle

jatu lac

jattu shoulder

jana race, person (RV.); jan be born [ja_ offspring; pl. descendants]

jan.n.a_ bridegroom's procession (Pkt.); janya friend of a bridegroom (RV.); ja_ti kinsman (RV.)

ja_ma_tr. daughter's husband (RV.); na_tara betrothal, relationship (OG.)

ja_mi sister (Pkt.)

ja_ya wife (RV.)

ja_r paramour (Pali.Pkt.); lover, friend (RV.)

jap mutter

jabh bite

jaya victory; jita won (RV.)[ji]

jya_ bowstring (RV.)

jara wearing out (RV.); old (Pali); ji_rati grows old; is digested (Pali)[jr._]

jaru, jaura afterbirth (S.)

jala water

jalp mutter

jas exhausted [za~_s to blow out a fire (Dm.)]

jahaka hedgehog

ja_gr. wake

ja_na_ti knows (RV.)[ja_ know]

ja_nu knee (RV.)

ja_la net, snare (AV.)

jihva_ tongue (RV.); juhu_ (RV.)

ji_ra quick movement (of the soma stones)(RV.)

ji_v live

jus. enjoy

jun:gu pubic hair (Ka.)

ju_ hasten

jr.mbh yawn; jama_i (N.)

jyut shine; jyo_tis light, moonlight (RV.); jo_ti light, star, fire (Pali)

jye_s.t.ha first, chief

jyais.t.hi_ small house lizard

jhakk doubt (P.)

jhagad.a quarrel (Pkt.)

jhaga froth, scum (S.) makes fall (Pkt.); jha_r.a_ to shake off, thresh (B.); jhar waterfall (B.); jharjhara a strainer

jhan. tinkle

jha~_po matted gate (G.)

jhukan.u to stoop (S.)

jhuran. to pine with grief (L.)[jhr._ waste away]

jholo bag (Ku.)

t.aun.o deaf (WPah.)

t.ikan.u to remain, be firm (S.)

t.akkara collision (Pkt.)

t.hakkura chief man of a village (Pkt.)

t.a_k bald patch (B.)

t.a_n:gi_ hill, stony country (Or.)

t.agara, t.e_raka squinting; d.heru bullock with one horn hanging down (WPah.) spade, hoe, chisel (R.)

t.a~_k iron pin, rivet (H.) leg (Pkt.)

t.a_n.d.a_ dry stalk of ba_jra_ (L.)

d.a_kan. witch (P.); s'a_kini_ female attendant on Ka_li_ term of contempt for a blacksmith (N.); d.ha_n:gar. name of a Santal tribe (Or.); dha~_gar. digger of wells and tanks (H.) drum (P.N.B.Or.H.M.); drum (Ku.); d.aur hourglass-tabor (M.)

d.a~_g club (H.); stick (P.); stick (Pkt.); d.a_n. thick stick (A.)

d.akan.u to tremble (S.)

dagar. road (P.)

t.a~_knu to join, tack, button (N.) borax; borax; weight of 4; a stamped coin(Pkt.); t.a~_k button;'a_la_ mint; t.aksa_l.i_ mint-master [tan:kam gold (Ta.); a silver coin; tanka = ka_rs.a_pan.a (Khot.){kars.a a partic. weight; pan.a a measure of account in cowries = 80; ka_ha_n.a 16 annas (pan.a's) or 1280 cowries (Or.)}; t.aka_ a copper coin; t.ako money (N.)]

t.a~_gan hill pony (H.), a tribe; name of a people living northwest of Madhyades'a (R.)

d.a~_go male (of animals)(N.); d.a~_gar horned cattle (H.); bullock (K.)

t.a~_gun millet, setaria italica, panicum italicum (Bi.); (Pali)[= kan:kuni_]; ta~_dl.a_ pl. grains of certain kinds of corn (G.); can.t.ikka_r a kind of rice (Ta.); to_n.d.ul rice in the fields (Gaw.); tan.d.ula grain, esp. rice, after threshing and winnowing (AV.); husked rice (Pali) tan.d.u_la grain, esp. rice, after threshing and winnowing (AV.); tomul husked rice (K.); ta_ula (OB.)[ca_val husked rice (L.); can.t.i-k-ka_r a kind of rice (Ta.)] dha_na corn, grain (esp. parched grain)(RV.); dhanhar rice-land, land which has been under rice (Bi.); dhankhet rice-land (Bi.)

tandra row, line (VS.); herd of cattle (S.); taran.d.i_ large herd of bullocks taken about for sale (L.); t.a~_d.u~ line of bullocks, caravan, head of a series, front, top (G.); ta~_d.a_ line (of cattle, ants, etc.), troop, company (M.)

t.a_l.i_ open terrace (M.); t.a_r level piece of ground above a stream (N.); t.a_ri unirrigated rice-field (N.)

t.illa_ hillock (L.); d.higg high bank (P.)

t.ikkida marked with one (Pkt.); t.i_ke pl. spot (D..)

d.iko horizontal line on the top of Na_gari_ letters (N.); d.ikiba to draw a line (A.); t.hen:guya_ broken (B.); d.i~gnu small stick for driving animals (N.)

t.heka_ prop, striking two things together (A.)

t.hika_n.a_ station (P.); t.heko station (G.)

t.hika_ piecework (A.B.Or.)

t.hikri_ potsherd (M.); t.hi_kru~ earthen vessel (G.) t.heki, t.he~ki small earthen pot (Or.); t.heko round wooden vessel (Ku.); t.heki_ large grain-sack (H.)

dhokro large jute bag (N.); dhokr.u~ bale of cotton (G.)

dhokar.a hanging down (of breasts)(Or.)

d.hok hut in the fields (L.); d.hwa_ka_ pl. gates of a city or market (K.); d.hokse place covered with a mat to store rice in, large basket (N.)

t.hok obstacle (Ku.); d.akkan. to stop (L.)

d.a_hal. loppings of trees (M.)

t.het.a_ substance rejected in making rice beer (N.)

t.o_p hookah bowl (WPah.); t.o_pia_ helmet (Pkt.)

t.oplo basket (G.)

t.olla_ clan, quarter of a town (P.); tul herd of cattle, company, society (A.) an alloy of copper and bell metal (N.)

t.happa_ stamp, mould (H.)

d.ayana bird's flight; d.ain wing, branch (H.) [d.i_ fly]

d.i_ra new shoot (Pkt.)

d.era tent, temporary stopping place (K.)

diz, dez to create (Kt.)

d.omr.a_ a low caste of musicians (H.)

d.hakkana shutting

d.ha_r.e male (usu. of cats)(N.)

d.han.d. pond, lake (P.)

d.hapna_ cover of a granary (Mth.)

d.hapuwa_ pice, money (Ku.); d.higu lump (S.); d.hi_m clod (L.); d.her heap, large quantity (Ku.); d.ok high ground, hillock, heap (Kho.)

d.halai falls, drips (Pkt.)

d.aka_ waist (Wg.)

d.ha_la shield

d.hikkai bellows (Pkt.)

d.hi_k edge, corner (Ku.) belly (S.)

d.hiro slack, loose (S.)

d.hukkai meets (Pkt.);

d.huln.a_ to incline (P.)

d.hose fat, thick (of bread)(N.)

d.husya_unu to strike (N.)

d.hem.ka beam of a well (Pkt.)

d.on:g knee (Ash.)

d.on. hole (Bshk.)

daul drum (Gypsy)

d.hauk approach

tam.s move to and fro

taka this (RV.)[ta base of nom. sg. n. all obl. sg. and all pl. forms of pron. and pronom. adj. sa]; tatha_ so, in that way (RV.)

takra buttermilk with a third part of water; whey (Pali.Pkt.)

taks. hew

daks. be able

ta_gar. mortar (Ku.); tagri a man who makes mud or plaster (K.)

ta~_gr.o strong (Ku.); t.l.agr.o strong (WPah.)[tarj threaten]

tanakti contracts (Dha_tup.)

tat.a bank, side of hill (Pali)

tat.t.aka bowl for holding food, flat bowl (Pali)[ (Ta.)]

ta_d.a blow (AV.)[tad. strike]

tad.ia spread out (Pkt.); tata stretched, extended (RV.)[tan stretch]; tanika_ cord; tanuka thin, delicate (Pa_n..); tantra web (RV.); loom (Pa_n..)

t.a~_r. bamboo platform for sitting on (N.)

tad.a_ga pool

talla pond; ta_l canal (Bi.)

tapta heated, hot (RV.)[tap be hot]

tamas darkness (RV.)[tam choke, faint]

taran.a crossing (RV.); tara carrying across (Pa_n..gan.a); taro boat (G.); ti_ra shore, bank (Pali.Pkt.)[tr._ cross]

tari marshy lowlying land (N.); talla_ (L.P.); tara_i_ (S.P.H.); tala level, ground, bottom (Pali.Pkt.)

taraks.u hyena (VS.); tiger

taran:ga wave (R.)

tarala trembling, moving to and fro

tarwar.e sword (Sant.); tarava_ri one-edged sword

tar cream (n:g.)

taru tree (Pali.Pkt.)

tarun.a young, tender (Pali)

tarku spindle; takku (Pkt.); tark revolve

tardati splits open, sets free (Dha_tup.)[tr.d split]

tad.d.u_ ladle (Pkt.)

trappar. mat, cloth of goat's or camel's hair (L.); talpa bed

talpa raft

trap to run (Dm.)

taso hunger and thirst (S.)[tr.s. be thirsty]

tal fix

tal fry

ta_la fan-palm (Pali); ta_d.a (Pkt.); ta_laka palm leaf; ta_lapattra gold cylinder; ear-ornament; large ring [ta_li neck ornament (Ta.)]

ta_ta father; ta_tya fatherly (RV.)

ta_mbu_la betel, betel leaf; ta~bola_ (OB.); tamoli_ betel net seller (Bhoj.)

ta_mra dark red, copper-coloured (VS.); tamba red; copper (Pali)

ta_ra_ fixed star (Ya_j.)

ta_lu palate (VS.); top of head (Pkt.)

tigma sharp, pungent, hot (RV.); tricher sharpness (K.)[tij be sharp]

ti_vra strong, hot, pungent (RV.); trup salt (Kho.)[tr.pra pungent (RV.); tr.p be satisfied, enjoy]

tittira partridge

tinta wet (Pali); trimman. to drop, distil, leak (L.)[tim be wet]

tip sprinkle

tiras across (RV.); tiras'cata transversely (RV.)

tillati goes (Dha_tup.);[til go]

tila sesamum indicum (AV.)

tilaka mole, freckle, stain (Pali)

tila_ enlarged spleen (P.)

tucchya empty, vain (RV.)

tuj push, urge

tutta goad for cattle or elephants (Pali)[tud strike]

trup pierce, hurt [tup strike]

tul lift

tr.ti_ya third (RV.); tris thrice (RV.)[tri- three; trayan three (RV.)]

tr.pra ghee

to_mara lance

to_ya water[to_y wash]

t.or.a_ bag hung round a cluster of dates (L.)

tyaj leave

trakh go

trap jump, show feeling

trapu tin (AV.)

tras tremble, fear

trut. break

trombun to prick with a needle (K.)[truph miscarry]

tre_d.ha_ crooked (L.)

trai protect

tvar hasten

thu_t sound of spitting

dam.s bite

dagdha burnt (AV.)[dah burn]

dagh reach to

dan.d.a control

dadhnah. thick sour milk (RV.)

danta tooth (RV.)

dabh hurt, deceive

dahra small

dam tame

dara fear [dr._]

dar cave (K.)

dar in cmpds. 'cleaving'(RV.); darayati causes to split (RV.)

das'a ten (RV.)

da_ bind

da_ give

da_ta given

datu share (RV.); da_ti cuts, mows [do_ cut]

duno_ti burns (AV.)[du hurt]

da_sa slave (Pali)

d.a_ho wise (S.)

de_va heavenly; a god (RV.); di_pa lamp; div shine; di_ shine

div gamble

div wail

dih smear

di_ fly

di_ decay

du_ta messenger (RV.)[du go]

dudh be violent

dur door

durv hurt

dul swing, wander

dus. spoil

dus. perjorative prefix

duhitr. daughter (RV.)

dr. regard

dr.m.h be firm

dr.p be excited, inflamed, arrogant

dr.ti skin of leather (RV.) string, tie

dr.s' see

dai clean

dyut shine

dravati runs (RV.)[dram run]

droxum silver (Kho.); damma a coin (Pkt.)

ja_n.o_ to go (WPah.)[dra_ run]

d.ahar lowlying land (L.P.)

dra_va speed, flight [dru run]

dru- wood

druh injure

drai sleep

dva- two; du- two in cmpds.; dvih. twice (RV.)

dro_n.a wooden trough (RV.); dro_n.i valley

dvis. hate

dhat.a scale of a balance, a balance

dhan run

dhana contest, prize, booty, property (RV.)

dhanus bow (RV.)

dham, dhma_ blow

dha_v run; dhav run

dha_ place

dha_d.e_i drives out (Pkt.)

da_n earthen fireplace (K.); dha_na in cmpds. receptacle (RV.)

dha_na site of habitation; dha_na_ the portion of a village inhabited by Gonds (H.)

dha_n.ik mousetrap (Ku.)

dha_nnu to support, maintain, manage to do (N.)

dha_ra in cmpds. holding

dha_ra stream (RV.)

dha_ra_ sharp edge, rim, blade (RV.)

dha_v wash

dhi- in cmpds. receptacle

dhik fie!

dhuks. kindle

duri_ bull (Wg.); dhura yoke, pole (Pali); dhur yoke or yoke-pin (RV.)

dhu_ shake

dhu_li_ dust (Pkt.)

dhu_pa incense

dhr. hold

dhr.s. be bold

dhe_ suckle

du_ti loin-cloth (K.)

dhyai reflect

dhraj move

dhras glean, throw up

dhrai satisfy

dhvam.s fall

na not (RV.)

n.akka nose (Pkt.)

naks. reach

nakha nail, claw (RV.)

nagara town

nagna naked (RV.)

nat.a dancer, actor

nad.a species of reed (RV.)[el. to be hollow (Ta.)]

nad sound

nana_ndr. husband's sister (RV.)

nand rejoice

naptr. grandson (TS.)

nabh tear asunder

nam bend

nayati leads (Pali)[ni_]

nard roar

nava nine (RV.)

nayana eye; ne_tra eye

nara man, male [nr. (RV.)]

narta dancing [nr.t]

nard roar

nava new, young (RV.)

nava nine (RV.)

nas' reach; nas'yati is lost (RV.); pp. nas.t.a

nas nose; nyet nose (Wot..)

nas enclitic pronoun of 1st person plural (RV.); no_ acc. gen. dat. (Pali); -ne, -ni as direct object of verb and gen. after substantive (e.g. la_ma-ne our village)(Shum.)

nah tie

nahi surely not (RV.)

na_ka firmament, vault of heaven (RV.); nax floor (Kho.)

na_kra alligator, crocodile

na_ga snake; pannaga snake

na_ga elephant

na_ga lead

na_n.aka coin, anything stamped (Ya_j.)

nyo~_da_ invitation (WPah.); nevata invitation to wedding (OAw.); ne_ndar subscription to a wedding feast (L.); neu~da_ invitation, contribution by guests to defray expenses (P.); ne~deror. relative invited to wedding feast (P.); nana_ndra husband's sister's son (Pa_n..gan.a); nana_ndr.]; nimantraka inviter (MBh.); messenger carrying invitation to wedding feast (S.); nyu_tan.o invites (Ku.); nihum.tri_ta_ pl. pres. part. pass. (G.)

newat, newta_, nawta_ a false balance (Bi.); lewat (Mth.); nwa_n. measurement (WPah.); nimeik to measure (quantity), weigh (Kho.)[ma_ measure]; nimar measure, weight, weight of 2 maunds, skin bag holding 2 maunds (Kho.)

no~d copying into a book (M.); no~dn.e~ to copy and enter a document (M.); no~dhvu~ to note down, enter in a book (G.); nibandha bond (Pali); grant of property (Ya_j); fastening (R.)[bandh]

niyata fastened (RV.); devoted to; n.iaya bound by a vow (Pkt.); nemvu~, nimvu~ to fix, appoint, resolve (G.); niya_maka charioteer, sailor; niya_ma ship's captain, pilot (Pkt.)[yam; nya_ya]

nyu~, nyo~ a good wife (Sh.); niyate he granted (OSi.)

nika_sa settlement of accounts (Or.); nika_ exit, export (H.); ni_kasi_ bridegroom's procession in the marriage ceremony (OMarw.)[kas]

ne_tras marriage ceremony (K.); nayate_ marries; netta guidance; ne_tra leading (AV.)

ni_ta led (RV.)[ni_]; n.ia taken away (Pkt.); nijan.u to be carried away (S.)

n.i_i, n.itti conduct (Pkt.); ni_ti [ni_]; niyama restraint; fixed law (R.); n.iama rule, vow (Pkt.); neo a law, institution (B.); newa_ custom, method (H.); niyamen in accordance with the regulation (OSi.); ni_m, ni_v rule, vow (G.); n.io_a order, engagement (Pkt.); niyo_ga-pa_s'a carriage trace; niyo_ga order (Pali); noi_ rope for tying cow's feet when milking (OAw.)[nij rope (H.); niryo_ga rope for tying cows]; ne_ho~ branching stick on which pots are hung (L.)

neut.a_ to turn back (B.); n.iat.t.a turning back (Pkt.); nivarta causing to turn back (RV.); nivartana turning back (RV.)[vr.t]; leut.en return of bride to father's house after living with husband (Or.)

neut. coming and going, intercourse (B.)

n.iutta engaged in (Pkt.)[yuj]; niyut team of horses (RV.); niyuta fastened (RV.); n.iua well joined (Pkt.); nu~_ to plough (Pr.)[yu, yauti fastens]

niyo_ga master; neog head peon at the court of Ahom kings (A.)

na_na_ variously (RV.)

na~_d large water vessel (P.)

na_ndana pleasure garden eldest brother (Pkt.)

na_pi not

na_bhi navel, nave of wheel (RV.)

na_ma indeed (RV)[acc. sg. of na_man name (RV.)]

na_ra_ca iron arrow

na_rike_la coconut palm and fruit [cmpd. na_ri fibre + ke_l.i coconut palm (Ta.)]

na_va boat (RV.)[nau] near (R.)

nya_ro dust in a goldsmith's shop (Ku.); niya place where there is litter and rubbish (Kho.); neot.hiba to gin (cotton)(A.)[nipis.t.a crushed (AV.); pis.]

ni_vra eaves of a roof; n.ivva roof, eaves (Pkt.)

nya_r fodder for cattle (H.); niga_ra swallowing (Pa_n..)[gr._]; negvu~to eat (G.) n.i(v)a_n.a watering trough for cattle beside well or tank (Pkt.); nava_n. watering place (G.); nipa_na [pa_]

nya_r, nya_ro, nira_lo lonely, aloof (Ku.); nira_laya homeless (Pali)[a_laya]

nyu_ru, ni_ris a meadow (at the foot of or in the midst of mountains)(K.)

nya_r wild rice (H.); nava_r rice growing spontaneously (G.); ni_va_ra wild rice (VS.Pali); neya_l rice-straw (B.)

niwa_r wooden ring or wheel at bottom of a well forming foundation for the superstructure of earth or masonry (H.); ni_m dhu_ri_ the second pair of spokes of a cartwheel (Mth.); lewa_ra_ (Bi.); ne_mi rim, felly (RV.); new foundation of a house wall (Bi.); neiya~_ earthen support for jars (Aw.)

ni_vara water; marsh; n.i_ra water (Pkt.); ni_ro toddy juice (G.)[ni_r (Ta.)]

newa_r the inhabitants and former rulers of the Kathmandu valley in Nepal (N.); niva_n. valley (P.)

nivn.e~ hole near fireplace where pot is set to cool (M.); nirva_n.a blowing out, death, final emancipation [va_]

ni_pa situated low, deep; ni_wa~_ land fertilized by alluvial silt (L.); nimna low ground (RV.); low (Pkt.)

ninauna_ to make bend, lower (H.); to bend, stoop (L.); to stoop (Ku.); nihu~kna_ to bend, stoop (H.); nihurna_ to bow, stoop (P.H.); n.ihutta sunken (Pkt.); niyac bent down, downward (RV.); ni_ca low; below (RV.)[nyac, ac]

-nze to put, place (Pr.); nikkhitta laid down (Pali); niks.ipta deposited; nin.ya inner, hidden, secret (RV.); nihuran.u to bury (S.); nyire down (Kt.); nyora~under, below (Dm.); nija_ south (L.)[ni down, in]; nehn.a_ to make (a pot) stand on the ground (P.); n.iha_n.a store (Pkt.); n.ihan.a rice plants spread out in rows after reaping (Or.); nidhi setting down (food), hoard (RV.); receptacle,treasure (Pali); n.ihi storehouse (Pkt.)[dha_]

narop first year crop (L.); niropab to put, place (Mth.); niravin.e~ to hand over, commit to the care of (M.); niro_payati transplants [rup]

newa_ri jasmine (N.)

nive_s' to write (Kho.); nuvis' (Yid.); nimis'ta kanag to write (SBal.)

nive_s'a dwelling place (RV.)[vis']

nikraman.a putting down the feet, footstep (RV.)

nija constant (AV.); own (Pali); niya own (OG.); ni genetive affix (NiDoc.)[jan]

nitya continual (RV.); nicca constant (Pali)

niha~_i~_ potter's kiln (S.)

ni_ku~ clear, pure, fine (G.); ni~ga_l.o stream of dripping or oozing liquid (G.); n.igga_liya melted (Pkt.)[gal]; nizariba to flow gently, ooze out, drip (A.) [*jhar]; nitran. to be refined (L.); nita_r clear liquid remaining after all sedimentis deposited (P.)[tr._] to lead to (OM.)

nigad.a iron chain for legs

ni~ga_lo the small bamboo, arundinaria intermedia (N.)

nidra_ sleep [drai]; niz sleep (Mai.); nis'a_ night (Gr.S'r.); nirya_ going out (TS.) ni_d.a resting place, nest (RV.)

nind blame; ninda_ (AV.)

nista_ra discharge of debt [tr._]

ni_jh looking closely at (P.); nhya_l.n.u to wait for (WPah.) nirakhna_ to look at (H.); nirakh knowledge (P.); consideration, judgement (Ku.); niri_ks.ate_ looks at [i_ks.]

nirukta spoken out, distinct [vac]; n.irutta spoken (Pkt.); n.iruktam. certainly (Pkt.); niruta_ genuine, pure (Or.); niruta, niruta clear, decided (OG.); nirukti explanation of a word; nirutti explanation (Pali); niruti, nirati, narati news (OG.); niruta unwoven (; nirua_na_ to undo, unravel (H.)

nirgrantha free from all ties [grantha]; nigan.t.ha Jain ascetic (Pali); n.iggam.tha, n.iam.t.ha (Pkt.); punar-nigrantham intertwining again (AitBr.)

nirdha_r free from debt [uddha_ra]

nire_ti goes out, departs (RV.); ne_-, ni_ to go out (Pas'.)

niro_dha confinement, control [rudh]

niggama conclusion (Pali); n.iggama going out, road leading out (Pkt.)[gam]

nirma_n.a measuring (R.); making [ma_ measure]

nis.ka gold ornament for neck or breast (RV.); specifif weight of gold (Ya_j.);

nikkha (Pali)

nikaur.iya_ penniless (H.)[kaparda]

nis.kars.a oppressing by taxes; niks'i_ adj. strict, exact (M.)[kr.s.]

nikharo pure, unalloyed (N.); nikhot. unblemished (P.N.H.)[*kho_t.t.a] niro pure, unalloyed (S.); ni_raja free from dust [rajas-]

nid.d.a_yati cuts out, weeds (Pali); nend weeding a rice-field (K.); nada_va_ weeder (P.); nada_i_ weeding (P.); nirda_tr. weeder, reaper [do_]

ni_la indigo (Ya_j.)

nu move; na_vayati

nu shout

nu now (RV.); nu_tana fresh (RV.); nu_nam now (RV.); nur now (Oss.);

n.avaram. immediately after, at once (Pkt.)

nr.t dance

ni_ lead

ni_ churn milk

nij wash; ne_jaka washerman

ne_tra eye

ne_tra cord of churning stick

ne_tra veil (R.)

nyagro_dha banyan tree or ficus indica (AV.); n.aggo_ha (Pkt.); nuga (Si.)

napan. to seize (L.); nyarpayati throws down (AV.)[r.]

n.attha deposited (Pkt.); nyasta (Mn.)[as]; natuva inheritance; natuva_ heir (Si.); nya_sa deposit, pledge (Mn.); n.a_sa deposit (Pkt.); na_s (G.)

nyu_na shortened, wanting, defective; n.u_n.a wanting, less (Pkt.)[u_na]

pa in cmpds. `drinking' [pa_ drink]; pa_tra drinking vessel (RV.)

pa in cmpds. `protecting' [pa_ protect; in cmpds. `protecting']

pakka able (Pkt.)

pakun to go, tread, advance (K.)

pa_k bend, twist (A.B.)

pa_k eddy, rounds of a field in ploughing (A.B.)

pakar.n.a_ to seize (P.)

pakkan.a hut of a can.d.a_la

pakva cooked [pac]; pec hot (Kho.);

pacati bakes (bricks)

paca requisites (Si.); pochu guest (K.); pa_huna_-pa_cha_ guests (N.)

paks.a wing, side (RV.) eyelashes (TS.)

pakhur.i_ petal, flower leaf (H.)

pag turban (K.); pa~_gran. small kind of dhoti_ worn by men, bodice (G.)

pan:ka mud (Pali)

panti line, row (Pali); pankti group of five (AV.)[paca five]; paddhara straight (Pkt.)

pan:gu lame, crippled

pun~ja heap

pan~jara cage, net [pacchi_ basket woven from grass (L.)]

pan~ji ball of cotton

pa~_zi almanac (A.)

pat. split

pa~_thi_ parting of the hair (G.)

pa_tha path (Pa_n..gan.a); pantha path, road (RV.); padra village, road in a village; pa_t.a breadth, expanse; pa_t.aka long span, flight of steps; pa_d.aa road (Pkt.)[pa_da foot]

pa~_t line, turn, rotation (Ku.); pa_l.i line, row, text (Pali); pa_r.o column in multiplication (G.); pa_l arrangement in a line (L.)

pada footstep, track, place (RV.)[pad foot]; pa~u~ ace in dice (i.e. a quarter of the highest throw of 4 dots); pa_dika worth a quarter (Pa_n..gan.a); pa_do_na [pada-, u_na] less by a quarter

pa_dar uncultivated land near a village (G.)

pat.t.ha_, pat.h, pa_t.ha_ young full grown animal (H.)

pras.t.ha leading, going first (Pa_n..); pat.t.ha headman (Pkt.); las.t.a comrade (Pas'.)

pasti_ storehouse (Kal.)

pat.t.a slab, tablet

pat.t.a_ title deed to land (P.); pat.t.akila tenant of royal land

pat. sudden noise; pat.aha kettle-drum

pat.a woven cloth; pat.t.a cloth, woven silk

pat.ala veil, cover

pat.ala roof, thatch

pat.t.ana town

pat.hati repeats aloud

pan. bargain; pan.ya article for sale; pan.a wager (Ya_j.); pan.a a coin ( = 80 cowries)

pan.ava drum

pan.d.aka eunuch

pan.d.ita learned

pati master, husband (RV.)

pat after (Bshk.); para distant, further, other (RV.); pare_ afterwards (RV.)

padma lotus

paras'u axe (RV.); pars'u axe (R.)

para_i crowbar, pestle (G.)

para_i saucer used as a cover for other vessels (Bi.)[paridha_ya receptacle for water (dha_)]

parn.a plumage, foliage (of tree)(RV.); betel leaf; pa_n (Ku.N.A.B.Bi.Mth.Bhoj.);id. (H.Marw.G.M.); pa_nara_ seller of betel leaves (Or.)

pan.n.a_ka_ra special message, gift (Pali); panara, pand.ura present, tax (Si.)

parn.o wedding (S.); parna_hu (P.)[ni_]; pa_rin.a_yya paraphernalia received by woman at time of wedding

pari, paritas all around; parin.a_ha circumference, width; circumerence, extent, disc (Pali.Pkt.); pari_n.ah anything enclosed (RV.); parivarta revolving; exchange (Ya_j.)[vr.t]

parva_r. a village fence, precincts of a village or town (G.)[va_t.a]

paritta protection (Pali)[trai]; pari_tta given up (VS.); parto delivered in charge (S.)

pariya_ni_ scales (usu. a goldsmith's)(Bi.); parma_n. measure (P.)[ma_]; prama_n.a measure; standard, authority; pama_n.a measure (Pali.Pkt.)

paha_n.a chief (Pkt.); paha_n.o (OG.); pradha_na chief thing

pradhi felly (RV.); pahi_a_ wheel (P.); pahiya_ rim of wheel (Or.)

pro~_r.a comb (Ash.); pro~_wa~_ (Wg.)

prau, pau watering place (WPah.); pau religious distibution of water at roadside (Ku.); prapa roadside fountain (AV.); pa_n.-poi_ shed or stand for supply of water to travellers (M.); parab watering-place at roadside (G.); pausara_ place where water can be obtained (Aw.)

pa_va_lia_ inn-keeper (Pkt.); prapa_pa_li_ woman who distributes water to travellers

bharan.i_ 7th asterism (figured by pudendum muliebre)(AV.); bharan.a bearing in womb (RV.); bhara carrying, booty (RV.)[bhr. bear]

poya_n potter's kiln (B.); pa_kastha_na kiln; pa_en brazier's flux or borax (Bi.); panawa_la_ (Mth.); pa_cana dissolvent; borax; pavana potter's kiln; punhar goldwasher's crucible (Bi.); pavi_ fire; pu_r big fire, bonfire (Pas'.); po_r burning embers (Pas'.); pava_ purification (RV.); poi_ fire (Sh.); pavitra strainer (RV.) paryunu sieve, strainer (K.); prapavan.a purifying, straining (; paripavana cleaning, winnowing; paren sieve (Wg.); paripuna_ti strains (RV.)[pu_]; purunik to sift (Kho.); paripu_ya strained (Pkt.); to cast metal (S.); palat.un to melt (K.); pavana strainer (AV.); pon.a_ (P.)

parghani_ jeweller's iron ingot mould (Bi.)

paryu_n.o to give a share to everyone, distribute (Ku.); pariya_n.a general gift (Pkt.); pat.ida_na reciprocal gift (Pali); pain.o reciprocal presents among friends or kinsmen or neighbours of any unusual thing supposed to be dainty (Ku.)

pa_hatu concord, money given to person bearing expenses of any rite (S.)

pad.ga_han. pawn ticket (M.); prati-grahan.a receipt, a vessel; pat.iggahan.a acceptance (Pkt.)[prada_ya gift; pray receipt (K.); pyo_ru gift (Pr.); pradi gift (; pait.ha paid, handed over (Or.); pait.ha depositing money, payment, delivery (Or.)]; pait.i the beginning to consume corn kept long in reserve (N.); pa_it.i household work (Or.); pavatti use (Pkt.); pravr.tti advance; use; continuance (R.); pot quality, disposition (H.)

par.ghi_ stand for a pot (G.); pad.gha_ wooden bowl (M.); par.igaha_ spittoon (Mth.)

pahun.a_, pohan.a_ shoal of young fish (Or.)[po_ta youngof an animal; pova_ young snake (M.); a_dha_na: po_ta_dha_na shoal of young fish]; poha_r collection of young fish (Mth.)

pratiyabdhum to copulate [yabh]

pait.han. agreement, contract (G.); pratis.t.ha_na foundation

por space between two joints (H.); hollow bamboo for drilling seed (P.); po_ra knot (Pkt.); per joint, articulation (M.)

prakat.a manifest (Pa_n..)

pauri gatepost (OAw.); pradvar place before a gate

paur crop spread out ready for threshing (Mth.); paer treading of paddy sheaves by bullocks (Or.); pagara, payara collection, heap (Pkt.)[payir crop (Ta.)]

paha_yara sun (Pkt.); paha_r sunshine, sunny place (N.); pau, pah, poh dawn (H.); pohar light (A.)[bha_]; pahayay illumining (OSi. 10th cent.)[pakal day, sun (Ta.)]

paha master (OA.); pahu (MB.); pahu_ husband, lover (Mth.); pabhu, pahu fitting; master (Pkt.); pabhu master (Pali); pahu_ able (Pali); prabhu strong, capable (RV.); lord [bhu_ become; world (RV.); ground]; pahu_ta sufficient (Pali); pahuvai reaches (OG.); prabhu_ta much, great; pau~t strength, ability, power (Ku.)

bakura bag or bellows made of goat skin [bakura-dr.ti (RV.)]; bori sack (Sh.); bora_, bori_ coarse bag (for pack animals)(P.); pa_khar saddle with its gear (P.L.); pa_ran. bedding, decorations (G.)[pragrathana stringing together] prakaro_ti makes fit for, gains (RV.); pakkharia equipped, harnessed (Pkt.); bhastra_ leathern bag; ba_stam. carma goat's skin; basta goat; kha_ra-basta blacksmith's skinn bellows (K.); bha~_thi_ bellows (Bi.)[X bhasman ashes (AV.)]; bokosa_ load carried on back (A.)[bukka goat; boko he-goat (N.)]

bukkasa a man of the lowest stratum; bokkasa a non-Aryan people (Pkt.)

bhaka_r large wooden box to hold grain (Ku.); vakkha_ra granary (Pkt.); bakha_ra_ basket, granary (P.); vakha_ri_ ware-house keeper (G.)

ba_khar house (H.); vakkha_raya women's quarters (Pkt.)

ba_hul.a armour for the arms (Or.); baula bracelet (Gypsy); ba_hu arm (RV.); ba_ha_ (Pali)

va_ha draught animal (RV.); va_hana (Pali); va_khr.a_ having given milk for some time (of cow or buffalo)(P.); bas.kaya one year old (Sa_yan.a); ep. of vatsa (RV.); bakan heifer (B.); bas.kiha having calved long since (VS.); bhakullo chubby, plump (N.); bha_k bull (Sh.); bakka_ big man or animal (Si.)

va_gura net or trap for animals

bahula_ pl. the Pleiades; bahul (Kal.); bale (Sh.); boul, bolh (Kho.)

bajra_ millet (P.); varjari_; ba_jhari the grain holcus spicatus (S.); ba_jra_ spiked millet (L.B.Bi.H.M.); bu_car husks of millet (L.)

buco cropped of ears or tail (N.); but.o wanting ears or horns or tail (S.)

buco tame boar (N.); bucca_ crop-eared (L.P.)

buco plug, stopper (N.); vujjan.a lid (Pkt.); to stop, close (ears or mouth)(L.)

ba_ha steam (K.); ba_s.pa_yate_ emits vapour; vapour (R.); bapha_ro vapour, sultriness, sweat (G.); va_pha_ra_ fumigation (M.)

ba_jhnu to quarrel (N.)

vajra thunderbolt (RV.); ba_j (B.)[o_jas strength]

pasa_ro extension of family property, lineage, family, household (Ku.); paha_ra_ goldsmith's workshop (P.)[sr. move]

prasava procreation (VS.)[su_ provide, bring forth, bear (young)]

prasa_tika_ a kind of small-grained rice; prasa_dhika_ wild rice

prasa_dada_na propitiatory gift; pasa_ytu~ land set apart for religious purposes or for maintenance of village artisans (G.)

prasa_dhayati adorns; pasa_hun.a_ to perform the ceremony of stripping and purifying and adorning bridegroom (P.)

pakha_l pool, reservoir (Ku.)[]

pa_ghal. ooze, trickling (M.); paha_l. mountain stream (M.); pagha_ran.u to melt, dissolve (S.); pragalati drips; parga_lna_ to melt [gal]

pakhuri_ goldwasher's iron scraper for collecting ashes (Bi.)

parovun. to perforate (with a needle), wreathe (L.); paron.a_ to string (beads, etc. (P.); pirohana_ to plait, weave on, string (beads, etc.)(H.); parivayati interweaves [ve_ weave]

parvan knot, joint (RV.); pa_b space between two joints (A.)

pariya_n.a circuit (Pa_n..); parya_n.a circuit (AitBr.); palyayate_ goes round [i]; paryaya revolution, turn; parye_ti goes round (RV.); polik to roll up, wind or wrap round (Kho.); pa_lo, pa_li_ turn, time, rotation (Ku.); pa_la_ (B.H.); pale_ back, back again, in return (Gypsy); partha to turn round (Wot.); palhattha, pallattha overturned (Pkt.); turns over (Pkt.)

paryayan.a, parya_n.a, palya_n.a saddle; pa_la_n pack-saddle (Pers.); palla_n.a, pad.a_ya_n.a (Pkt.); pa_l cloth curtain for side of tent (G.); pa_la sail (Or.); tent (N.)

praya_n.a setting out, journey (RV.); paya_n.a journey (Pkt.); paya_n expedition (A.); piya_n.u~ pilgrim party (G.)[ya_]

pra_jana goad (Pa_n.); pa_jana goad (Pali); pravayan.a goad (Pa_n..); paren ox-goad (P.); paina_ goad (H.); paron.o goad (G.); prato_da goad, whip (AV.); to_dana goad [vi_ pursue]

pravayan.a upper part of a piece of woven cloth (AitBr.); pa_on.a weaving, plaiting (Pkt.); paron.i_ piece of thread put through eye of needle (G.) [ve_ weave]; pravayati weaves on (RV.); po_ai plaits (Pkt.); povn.e~ to gather the threads of the warp into the part of the loom for raising and depressing them (M.); povan. to thread or string flowers (L.); pona_ to thread a needle, string pearls (H.)

prava_ran.a fulfilment of wish; pava_ran.a_ satisfaction (Pali)

pohan., pohan cart (P.); pravahana ship (R.)

parohan animal for riding (Bi.)

paro_ha sprout (Pkt.); phordu sprout, seedling (Kho.); paud (Ku.); paudh young plants for transplanting (H.)

pallava sprout (Pali.Pkt.); leaf (Pkt.); pa_lav tuft of foliage (G.)

pa(h)la_ tiny hut made of leaves (Or.); pal.l.i village (Ta.)

pa_gul.a chewing the cud (Or.)

pa_l house lizard (M.); palli_ (Skt.)

palya sack for corn; palla large granary; round sack for grain (Pkt.)

pariya_ya, pajjaya succession, order (Pkt.); pallava succession, order (Pkt.)

para_yan.a departure (RV.); pala_un.a_ to run away (B.); pale_ti, pala_yati runs away (Pali)

param.para_ series (Pali); lineage

paryastika_ sitting on the hams; pariyatthi, pallatthi, palhatthi squatting (Pkt.); pala~_t.hi_, palo~t.hi_ sitting with the feet crossed under the buttocks (G.); palyan:ka sitting cross-legged; pallan:ka (Pali)

parus.a spotted (RV.)

parus.a knotty (AV.)

pars'u rib (AV.)

parvata mountain, rock (RV.)

pala a fluid measure (Nir.); in cmpds. `a partic. weight' (Pali)

pal.i_ ladle (M.)

pala_la mud (R.); pallala marsh, pond (Pali.Pkt.)

pala_la stalk, straw

pas' see

pas' bind

pas'ca_t from behind, behind (RV.); paccha hinder part (Pkt.); pas'cima western

pas'tun Afghan (Psht.)

pa_m.s'u crumbling soil, dust, sand (AV.)

pa_ka baking (of bricks)[pac cook]

pad.d.aya buffalo (Pkt.)

pa_r.ho hogdeer, cervus porcinus; pa_r.ha_ spotted antelope (H.)

pa_n.i hand (RV.)

pa_n.d.u whitish-yellow; pun.d.ra pale

pa_yaka foot soldier; paik (Pahl.); paig (Pers.); pa_i_k petty village official, armed attendant (M.)

pa_ra bringing across (RV.); pare_ti bores through (Pali); pa_rayati fills (Dha_tup.) [pr. cross; pr._ fill; puru much, many (RV.)]

pa_rada quicksilver; pa_ro (S.G.); paranda (Pers.); pa_rav to change (Gypsy)

parev to deal with, exchange (Gypsy); pa_rsi_ language of brokers (G.); pa_rasa Persian (Pkt.); pa_rseg (MPers.)

pa_ra_pata dove (Pali)[para fly (Ta.)[pata wing] pat.t.a leaf (Shum.); patan:ga insect; patra wing (RV.); patati flies (RV.)[pat fall]; pata_ka_ flag [pad fall]; -pa_ta fall; pa_ta_la hole in the earth; cliff, abyss (Pali)

pa_rs.n.i heel (RV.); pa_sn.a_ (P.)

pa_la protector (R.); herdsman

pa_li boundary; pa_ri_ field (Bi.); pa_r.a_ boundary of field (H.)

pa_li food prescribed for a student; bread (Tir.)

pa_s'a die, dice

pasa_ iron ring through which plough iron is thrust; pa_sa_ lump of metal (H.); pa_s silver ingot, iron share of harrow (M.); pa_s'(u)li_ a ring for the toes (B.)

pa_sa noose, snare (RV.)

pa_s.a_n.a stone; pa_s.i_ stone, rock (RV.); pars.a rock (Psht.)[paha_r. mountain (L.P.Ku.B.Mth.H.G.)]

pa_s.i dry cowdung (BHSkt.)

pi prefix = api

pim.s'ati grinds (AV.)[pis. grind]

piccayati presses flat (Dha_tup.); pi_d. press (AV.)[perf. pipi_l.e_ (RV.)]

picchila slimy, slippery (Pa_n..); picchala slippery, greasy (Pkt.); piccha_ scum of boiled rice (Pa_n..)

pin~j paint; pin~ja turmeric; yellow (Pkt.); pijara reddish-yellow

pin~jara cage [pajara]

pim.jai cards cotton (Pkt.)[pacu cotton (Ta.)]; pija_ cotton; picu cotton (Car.); pu_n.i_ roll of cotton (Pkt.); pu_n.ayati collects (Dha_tup.)

pan~ja heap (Pali); puja heap (Pali); puja_ aggregate of four (Or.); pu~_ji stock, property (Ku.)

pu_ga assembly, mass; guild (Pali.Pkt.)

pit.aka basket (Pali)

pit.hara pot, pan (Pali)

pid.aka small boil

pin.d.a lump, clod, piece (RV.); per.o lump of clay (S.); pi~_r.i_ platform of lingam (Bi.); pit.t.ayati stamps into a solid mass; pit.t.iya beaten (Pkt.); pin.ya_ka oilcake

pi_t.ha bench (Pali)

pin.d.ayati collects (Dha_tup.); pin.d.a_ra cowherd

pitr. father (RV.); pitara_ du. father and mother (RV.)

pi_tala brass; pit a small vessel with blood in it on the liver of an ibex (Sh.); pitta bile (AV.); pi_ta yellow (Pali)

pidahati covers, conceals (Pali); piya_iba to join by thrusting the end of a thing into that of another (A.); pidha_na cover, sheath; peha_n cover of a granary (Bi.)

pinaddha dressed [nah]

pipi_la ant (RV.)

pippala ficus religiosa (Ya_j.); pipp fruit of ficus religiosa; piplu berry; mole, freckle

pippalaka scissors (Pali); pin (Car.); pi~pil.a_ instrument for cutting plantain leaves (sometimes fastened to a stick)(M.)

pillaka young of animal, child (Pali)[ (Ta.)]

pis' carve; pis'ita prepared flesh, meat (AV.)

pis'a_ca demon (AV.)

pi_yu_s.a soma juice (RV.); beestings [pi_ swell, abound]; pai_ fat (Kho.); pi_eu meat (Pas'.)[u_s.a-put.a: put.a cavity, small receptacle, fold; puriya_ packet of red-lead (A.); u_s.a salt ground (TS.)]

pu_tara a partic. aquatic animal; pu_ara small water creature (Pkt.)

pulaka shrivelled grain (Pali); pu_lya (AV.); pu_ti putrid (AV.)[pu_y stink; pu_ya pus; pu_liai pus (Lith.)]; pu_tika a plant used in place of soma

pu_ta buttocks; puttara vulva (Pkt.); putu vulva of young woman (N.); po_ta foundation

put.t.a small, dwarfish (Tu.); put.t.ha_ fat (P.); pot.t.a belly (Pkt.)

pus.t.a nourished, big; growth, property (RV.)

pus.t.ika_ oyster; pu~t.hi species of small fish (B.)

pu_ta cleaned (RV.); puna_ti purifies (RV.); to strain (L.)[pu_ purify]; pu_a purified (Pkt.)

pua virtue, merit (Pali)

pum.s male (RV.)

pukka_ra shout (Pkt.)

puttika white ant

putali_ pupil of eye (A.)

puttali_ doll (Pkt.)

punar back, again, moreover, however (RV.)

pur stronghold (RV.); pu_ru hamlet, quarter of a town (K.)

pr.s.t.ha back, hinder part (RV.); pr.s.t.i vertebrae (RV.); pis't back (Gypsy); piccha tail-feather; puccha tail, hinder part (AV.); pat.ha_r girth of a packsaddle (M.); pat.ha_ boil on the back (Or.)

pro_s.t.ha bull; pot.hi_ beast trained for carrying burdens (S.)[poti burden (Ta.)]

purush bridegroom (Kal.); purus.a man, male (RV.)

pr.s'ni spotted (RV.)[ spotted (AV.); pr.s. sprinkle; pus. (Pas'.)]

pr.cchana asking; pr.s.t.a asked (RV.); put.hiim. request (OG.)[prach ask]

sam.parka mixing together [pr.c mix, join]

pulina sand bank, islet

pulinda name of a barbarous tribe (AitBr.)

pus'i cat (Tor.)

puppha flower, menses (Pali)[pu_ (Ta.)]

pu_j worship

pus diminish, lose

pusta working in clay [pota cloth]; potthaka book (Pali); cheap rough hempen cloth (Pali)

pu_la bunch, bundle; sheaf (Pkt.)[pul grass (Ta.)]

pr.thak separately (RV.); puthujjana ordinary man [potu common (Ta.)]

puthuka rice in the ear (Pali); pho_vu rice parched and beaten flat (Konkan.i)[pr.thu wide]

po_ta, pr.thuka young of any animal; poha_ any large non-carnivorous domestic animal; pl. cattle (H.)

po_ta cloth [po_st skin (Pers.); pothi_ fleece (L.)]

po_ta boat [pot boat (Ku.)]

pottia_ son's daughter; pautri_; puttar bridegroom; son (L.); putra son (RV.); putre_te pl. the bridegroom's people at the wedding (L.); putti_ daughter (Pali)

po~d the bottom (as of a vessel)(M.)

po~dha_ pin confining plough-handle (M.); prabandha band, tie, connexion

pu_ti glass bead (S.); pot (H.G.M.); jeweller's polishing stone (Bi.); po_tra the Potr.'s soma vessel (RV.)

pot underground part of a post (A.); pota_ foundation (Or.)

pr.da_ku snake (RV.)

parr.a_ leopard (L.); purdum (Kho.)

pe_s'aka_ri_ female embroiderer (VS.); pe_s'ala adorned (VS.)

pokal. hollow (G.M.); pol. honeycomb (M.)

pokar. buttock (A.)

pok worm (A.)

pot.t.a bundle (Pkt.)[pot. load (P.)]

por.a_ to burn (B.); poliba (OA.)

prati towards, against (RV.); near, beside (AitBr.)

prath spread out

prathama first (RV.)

pathuru level piece of ground, plateau, small village (K.); prastara plain [str. strew]; khet-patha_r the whole cultivation of a proprietor (Bi.); prastha flat land; a_ra-path land in the bed of a stream (K.); pathawaturu memorandum showing the area sown (K.); pat.ha_r plateau (M.); puhavi_ earth (OG.); pr.thvi_ the earth (RV.); pad.hravi land (KharI.); pahivi_ (Pkt.); puhami_ (Mth.)

paharo watch, guard, time (Ku.); paharan.a striking (Pali)

pa_ha_run.i iron-studded stick used in threshing rice (Or.)

pa_ri crowbar (G.); pu(h)a_ri small iron chisel (Or.); praha_ra wound [hr. take, carry]

pahal.i_ riddle, proverb (Or.); prahe_lika_ riddle

pra_m.s'u tall, high

pa_ka_ra rampart (Pali); paga_ra ridge round field (Or.); pagar fence (Sant.)

pa~gurn.o to germinate (Ku.)[an:kura sprout]

pra_n:gana a kind of drum; pa_gan (H.)

pra_ci_na east, facing front (RV.)[pra~_c directed forward, eastern (RV.)]

puras in front, before; pura_n.a ancient (RV.); pu_rva fore, first, eastern, ancient (RV.)

pra_n.a breath of life (RV.)[an]; pra~_ babe (Ash.); pa_n.a life, living being (Pali)

pra_ntara long, desolate road; country between two villages

pa_hud.a gift (Pkt.); pa_hura (H.); pa_bhata present, bribe (Pali); prabhr.ta offering (RV.)[bhr.]

pa_hun.a guest; pra_ghun.a; pra_ghu_rn.a wanderer; pa_huna guest (Pali); pa_huneyya deserving to be a guest (Pali); pra_havan.i_ya (BHSkt.); pa_hun guest (H.); pa_huna_ daughter's husband (H.) pra_rthya reception of a guest; pijgim guest (Pr.)[gem village]; pra_cha guest (Dm.); pa_huna_-pa_cha_ guests (N.)

pra_le_ya produced by melting (Pa_n..); pa_ro ice, frost (S.)[li_ melt]

pasa_da lofty platform, terrace (Pali)

priya beloved (RV.)[pri_ love]

priyan:gu panicum italicum (VS.)[kan:ku], monkey [pru jump]

prus. sprinkle

prus. burn; plus. burn

pre_n:kha swaying (RV.)[i_n:kh]

pare_ta dead (RV.); ghost

pre_ran.a driving on [i_r]

puchana wiping (Pali)

pro_s.t.hi the fish cyprinus pausius; put.i a kind of carp (Or.)

pa_k(h)ar. a fig tree (H.); pa_khar ficus infectoria (P.); plaks.a ficus religiosa phalgu ficus oppositifolia; pha_g fig (Phal.)

pla_vana bathing; pa_van.a stream (Pkt.); pa_vn.a_ sailor (M.)

plu float

plus.i a partic. noxious insect, (prob.) flea (RV.)[pu_cci insect (Ta.)]

psa_ eat; cha_ta hungry (Pali)[ca_tam food (Ta.)]

pak to eat (Pas'.); phaka_ act of so eating (Mth.)

phakkati propounds a statement to be refuted (Dha_tup.); pha~_ko pretension (G.)

pha~_k opening (B.)

phrika vain, worthless (K.); barren (of animals)(P.); phataro babbler (N.); phusun. worthless (A.); photru~ chaff (G.); phosar. idle fellow (P.); busa chaff (Pkt.)

sphat.ati breaks, tears (Dha_tup.); to wound (S.)

phat.a, phan.a expanded hood of snake; phan.ati springs (Dha_up.)

phan.a froth; phe_n.a foam, froth (RV.)

phaphra_ buckwheat (P.)

phal burst; phl to tear (Dm.); pha_lita split (Pali); pha_ri_ half a hide (Bi.); pha_ra slice (S.)

phala fruit (RV.); suphala_ ep. of furrow (RV.)[phalli_ grain (Tir.); pol a single grain (Wg.); ripe fruit (Ta.)]

phala point of arrow or sword (Pali); pha_la ploughshare (RV.)

phala gaming board

phala shield; bad.a shield (Ash.)

phala spot on dice

phalgu reddish, red (TS.); pha_gu Holi festival (Mth.); phagguna February-March

phas loose, soft (H.); phisan.u to split, burst (S.); phuko free, untied (N.);

phuskanu to be loosened, slip (N.)

phat.ak gate (A.)[hat.t.a shop, bazaar (Pkt.)] to separate, apportion (S.)

phin:ga_ forktailed shrike (B.); bhr.n:ga; bhan.ero sparrow (N.)

bhr.n:ga_ large black bee (AV.); bumble-bee (Pkt.)

phi~jlan.o to scatter, strew over (Ku.)[picir fibre (Ta.)]; phiskan.u to slip (S.); phissa easily torn (N.)

phalati, phe_lati goes (Dha_tup.); phirai goes, returns (Pkt.); sipardan to travel (Pers.); pheru turn; phero circle (S.); circumambulation of the marriage fire (Marw.)

phu~_ka moustache (Dm.)

phut fly (Bshk.)

phupphusa lungs

phulla blossoming (Pali)

phut blowing, puffing

phekab to throw (Mth.)

phet. skirt (M.)[pat.t.a strip]

phe_ru jackal; pheu fox, jackal (B.)

bam.h be big [bahu much, many, great (RV.)]

baka crane (Pali); bala_ka_ (VS.)

bakun to prate (K.); barbara stammering (Pa_n..gan.a)

barbara curly (of hair)

bagar. a kind of red rice (P.)

bad.u boy (Pkt.); bit.t.a boy (Pkt.)'a hook, fish-hook

ban.d.a maimed (in hands, feet, or tail)

bam.dhura bent, beautiful (Pkt.)[bandhula bent]

baddha bound (RV.)[bandh bind]; bandha deposit, pledge; bandhu kinsman (RV.)

badhira deaf (RV.)

babhrus'a brownish (Pa_n..gan.a); bhu_ro brownish (S.)

ba~b vast, full (G.M.)

barua a kind of grass like sugarcane (Pkt.)

barkro sheep (Gypsy)

barhis.t.ha highest (RV.)[br.h increase]

bala power, strength (RV.); balya strengthening (Pa_n..)

balak swelling up in boiling (B.)[uppal swelling (Ta.)]

bali tribute, offering (RV.); bail bull, ox (P.); bel (G.)[ve_l. (Ta.)]

balbaja eleusine indica (RV.); ba_biyo a kind of coarse grass (used for thatching)(N.)

bahi outside (Pali)

ba_ father (Pas'.)

ba_dh obstruct

ba_la young

bid.a_la cat; bil.a_la (Pali); bilo (S.)

bidala half in: bidala-sam.hita composed of halves (AitBr.)

virala separate (OG.); viral. wide apart, of loose texture (M.); bilaga separate (OAw.Or.)

vili_ line of parting in a woman's hair (P.); vile_kha_ scratch, furrow; scratching

bindu drop, spot (AV.); bu~_d (H.)

bil mouth of vessel (Kho.Sh.); bila cave, hole, pit, opening (RV.)

vilan:ghati jumps about (Pali)

bil lid or cover of a vessel (Kho.); cornice round opening of an earthen corn-bin (P.)

ghan.a-bijo having many seeds (S.)[kan.a grain]

kan. eye (Ta.)

kan.u knuckle, joint (Ta.)

bollai, bullai speaks (Pkt.)[bahu-bo_llaka great talker]

byolu seed (K.); biya_ru~ a collection of various seeds (G.); bi_jya produced from seed (Pa_n..gan.a); biya_s land cultivated to be sown in the following year (H.); bi_j seed; pl. bi~j grains (Ku.); biya_l seed-time, grain given by farmers to village artisans at seed-time (L.)[bi_ja seed (RV.), ka_la time]; bi_ seed (Ash.Wg.Kt.Dm.Pas'.); id. (WPah.G.M.Konkan.i)]; bihan seed (Bi.); behan seed-corn (H.); bi_ar., bia_r seed-bed (H.)[vri_hi rice (AV.); wric barley (Kt.); bri_u~, biu~_ rice (Sh.); vi_hi (Pali.Pkt.)]; beji_ kept for seed (S.); baiju_ seed (WPah.)

bilo share in the spoil (N.); vira fixed allowance of food (S.); viraha division (S.); vilabhate_ consigns, allots; bila_ to distribute; bil.ahiba_, bil.ohiba_ to distribute, serve food, choose (Or.); vilambhayati causes to receive; vilha_van. to divide, allot (L.); bila_iba to bestow, distribute, serve out (food)(A.); bila_na_ to distribute (B.); to bestow (H.); vircha dividing, rations or money in lieu (S.)

vila_sini_ coquette, mistress; charming woman (Pali)

bilona_ to churn (H.); biloni_ churn (H.); valon.u~ churning vessel (G.); bilovan.a_ pl. churnings (OMarw.); biloye having churned (OAw.); vilubhita agitated; vilayana melting, dissolution; bile_n medicine, drug, gunpowder (Sh.); bila_uni dregs of melted ghee (N.); vili_yate_ is dissolved, melts (AV.); bilav to cause to melt (Gypsy); bilal melts (Gypsy)

buki_ blow with fist (M.)

boku hand with fingers extended to hold grain (K.); bukk double handful (L.P.); bukaun.o to eat (Ku.); bukhav hungry (Gypsy); bus. hungry (Bshk.); bhakar-bhakar greedily (P.)

bukni powder (B.Or.); buka_ a partic. fragrant powder (M.)

bukkati barks (Dha_tup.)[br.h call]

bud.d.ha old (Pali.Pkt.)[vr.ddha grown, large (RV.)]

bo_layati submerges (Dha_tup.); sinks (Pkt.)

bu_ to see, know (Tor.); buddha understood, enlightened (Pali)[budh perceive]

bundnen deposit (OSi.)[bunh down (WPah.)]

buthu face (K.); bu_th mouth or face of an animal (L.); bu_est lip (Pas'.)

boduru tawny bull (K.); bradhna ruddy, bay (esp. of horses)(RV.)

bundha bottom; bum.da foot of tree (Pkt.); bu~d bottom of pot (M.); bun.d. anus; bun.d.r.i_ anus, buttock (L.); bul posterior (Gypsy)

bulli_ penis (L.)

brho high mountain (Kal.); br.hant tall, high (RV.); bo_ up (Mai.); br.haspati name of a deity (RV.); the planet Jupiter (R.)

bhaut.t.a Tibetan; bod Tibet (Tib.); bhot.iya_ inhabitant of the higher mountains of Kumaon (Ku.)

ba_ru betel (B.)

br.hati is thick, grows strong (AV.); br.m.hayati increases; ba_jh crop; ba_jhn.e~ to bear (of fruit or flower trees)(M.)

buro thornbush, bramble (Gypsy); but.a tree (K.); bu_t.a_ bush, sprig (H.); bo_ta plant (Per.)

bura_ mould (M.); bu_ra_ powder (H.)

ben:ga fetid smell (Or.)

bam.ha, bam.bha brahman (Pkt.); brahman hymner, priest (RV.); brahman hymn (RV.)[br.h increase; br.h call]

ba_m eel (N.H.G.M.); bra_hmi_ the fish macrognathus pancalus

bhagna broken [bhaj break]

bhanakti putting to flight; bhajan.u to gallop (S.)

bhanakti divides; bhaj divide, distributed; bozik to apportion, share out, divide (Kho.); bazun to distribute, give away (prizes, etc.)(K.); bauar he shares (Gypsy)

bha_zan act of frying (A.)

bhan:ga hemp (AV.)

bhen.ura_ crooked (A.); bhan:gura crooked (RV.)

bha_yan.a bowl (of earth or metal)(Pkt.); bha_na vessel (K.)[pa_n-ai pot (Ta.)]; bhen.u~ earthen cooking pot (G.); bhajana cooking pot (Skt.) bha_ji_ cooked food (Pa_n..); bha_ji_ share of food given at marriages, present, contribution (L.); baze, ba_ze meat (Pr.); bhakta food (RV.)[bhaks.a eating, food (RV.)]; bha_ta_, bhatta_ advances made to ploughmen without interest (H.); bha_tu~ extra allowance above pay given to public servants, etc. (G.); bha_ktika dependant (Pa_n..); bha_ti_ fellow-resident (S.); bha_d.aya hire (Pkt.)

bha_j threshing floor (where the grain is divided out)(L.); bha_jvar. (L.)

bhakti possession (RV.); bhaj impart, possess, enjoy

bhat.t.a bard (Pkt.)

bhan.d. reprove, mock

bhan.d.a utensils; bha_n-kuni (collectively) cooking pots (Ku.)[pa_n-ai, (Ta.)] bha~d.sa_l storehouse, granary (H.); goldsmith's trade (Si.)[bha_ shines; bha_s shine]

bhaha_ra_ little earthen furnace (P.)

ba_n.a reed-shaft, arrow (RV.); bnug arrow (Par.)

bhan speak; bha_n.a recitation of scripture (Pali); bha_n word (Mth.)

bha_nu sun; bha_n. rays of the sun (P.); sun (G.)

bay to fear (Pas'.)[bhi_ fear]

bhatta_ husband (Pali)

bharts threaten

bhal attend to, observe

bhalla auspicious (Pkt.); bhadraka name of a Mun.d.a people in Punjab (R.); bhalla name of a people (Pa_n.); bhales the northern portion of Bhadrawa_h in Jammu (WPah.)

bha_luk bear (A.B.)

bha_ house (Mai.); bhavana dwelling (Pkt.); bhava origin, birth (Ya_j.)[bhu_ become]

ba_ half; ba_ good fortune (Si.); bha_ga enjoyment, gift (RV.); portion (Pali); bha_ mode of dividing produce 2/5 to landlord and 3/5 to tenant (P.); bha_ya_n.o belonging to a partner (S.); bha_g divide property into shares (Phal.); bha_gya entitled to a share (Pa_n..gan.a); per cent (

bhagini_ sister; bha_gine_ya sister's son

bhas. bark

bha_s. speak

bhalla a kind of arrow; spear (Pkt.)

bha_m be angry

bha_rya_ wife

bhiks. big

bhi~cna_ to press, squeeze (H.)[picai (Ta.)] meets, fights (Pkt.)

bhindiva_la a sort of spear (Pali)

bher.o joined (S.)

bhit.a sandhill (S.)

bhittaya piece, half (Pkt.); bhindati splits (Dha_tup.); bhinna split (RV.)[bhid split]

bhi_t wall, terrace (Ku.)

bhi_t.h land in homestead (Bi.); bhr.s.t.i deserted cottage or garden

bhukti enjoyment, eating [bhuj enjoy]

bhuj bend; bhuja arm (Pali)

bu_r down, fine feathers (Nk.); bhuwa_ fine down on body of young animal (N.)[bhr.s' fall]

bhu_s. adorn

bhuse~ drizzling rain (M.)

bhr.kut.i frown

bhut.a_ maize cob (B.); bhutta_ spike of maize (H.)[bhrajj fry]; bhr.s.t.a fried [bhr._ fry]; bhras.t.ra gridiron (Nir.); bhar.-bhu~_ja_ grain-parcher (Bi.); bharsa_ri_ furnace, oven (H.)

bhru_ eyebrow (RV.); bru (Kho.)[pur-uvam (Ta.)]

bhru_n.a embryo (RV.); bhu_n.a (H.); bhu_n foetus (H.)

bhr.n.ati is crooked (Dha_tup.)[bhr._ be crooked] to wander about (S.); bhur more quickly

bhe_ka frog (Pali)

bhen:gura_ crooked (A.)

bhegu~ collected, mixed together (G.)

abhye_ti sends (RV.); bhej to send (K.)

bira_t. he-goat (Tor.); br she-goat (Bshk.); bhe_d.a sheep [bhe_d.ra ram; me_s.a ram]

bhe_da cleft, fissure (RV.); separation, division; bhe_dya to be split

bhe_la raft; be_d.a_ boat; bhela_ raft (B.); ve_d.a (Pkt.)

bhela_ lump, clod (Or.H.)

bhis.aj curative (RV.); bhe_sajja (Pali.Pkt.); behed (OSi.); vejja physician (Pali.Pkt.)[ve_da knowledge, sacred knowledge (RV.)]

bhoi_ palanquin-bearer, porter (H.); ga_ma-bho_jaka village headman [bho_ga use, possession; wealth (Pali)]

bho_la_-na_tha name of S'iva as husband of [bhor dawn (P.N.B.Mth.H.G.)]

bhohra_ dungeon, pit in which potters place newly-made vessels to keep moist (P.)[bhu_, ghara]; bhomi a partic. piece of land, field (G.); bhu_mi earth, ground (RV.); bu_m, bum, bumi land, soil (K.) precipice (Kal.); bhram.s' fall

bhram moves to and fro

bhra_j shine; bhra_s' shine

bhra_tr. brother (RV.); bhata_ (Pali)

ma base of singular oblique cases of 1st person pronoun: acc. ma_m, inst. maya_, dat. mahyam, gen. mama, encl. me_

makara crocodile (VS.); man:gar. crocodile

makol chalk (H.)

maks.a_ fly (RV.)

magar back of shoulder, back (P.)

man:kate_ moves (Dha_tup.)

ma~g head of a boat (H.); ma_jhi, ma~_jhi boatman (N.)

man:gala auspicious sign (in cmpds.)(RV.)

mac knead, increase, raise

man~cate_ grinds, is arrogant; macate_ (Dha_tup.)

man~cate_ grows high, shines (Dha_tup.)

macu blaze (S.); macc bonfire (L.)

majj sink

majjan marrow, pith (RV.)

mam.jari_ new tender sprout (Pkt.)

majis.t.ha_ bright red; mnzu henna (a red-orange dye), madder (K.)

maji_ra foot ornament, anklet

mathu base metal, alloy, dross (S.)

man.ikat.t.u wrist (Ta.); mangat. wrist, ankle, pastern (H.)

man.d. adorn; ma~_d. array of instruments, etc. (M.)

man.d.a scum, cream (Pali); scum of boiled rice (Nir.); ma~_r. rice gruel, food (N.); man.d.a_ wheat; ma~_r.ha_ grains of panicum frumentosum boiled and parched (Bi.); ma~reli, meli bread (Wg.)

man.d.a some sort of framework; nau-man.d.e_ du. the two sets of poles rising from the thwarts or the two bamboo covers of a boat

ma~_r.a_ pl. shed, resthouse (Ku.); man.d.apa temporary shed for festive occasions (Pali); storeyed house (Ta.); ma_l.a sort of pavilion (Pali)

man.d.alaka disc (Ya_j.); man.d.ala circle, disc of sun or moon (Pali); ma~_r.o circuit, circle (N.)

mandal thigh (Bshk.); mandul hip (K.)

man.d.u_ka frog (RV.); me~_d.o~ (WPah.)

mokkad.i elephant with short tusks (Te.); ma_khuna_ small tuskless male elephant = ma_kal.a_ (Or.)

makko_d.a a partic. kind of insect (Pkt.); makor.o large black ant (S.)

manthara low, lazy, dull, bent (Pa_n..gan.a); mad be sluggish

matya club with iron points (AV.); a kind of harrow (TS.); macc implement for levelling a rice-field (WPah.)

matsya fish (RV.); maccha (Pali)

mad be exhilarated

ma~_gur a kind of fish (Bhoj.); ma_gura the scaleless freshwater fish clarius magur (Or.)

madhu honey, mead (RV.)

madhya middle (RV.)

madhya waist

man think; manas mind (RV.); mantra thought, prayer, spell, counsel (RV.)

manus.a man (RV.)

mand rejoice

mand stand still

manya_ pl. and du. nape of neck (i.e. the lines of muscle at the back of it)(AV.)

manya in cmpds. 'made of'

mayu_ra peacock (VS.)

mara death [mr. die]; marta man (RV.)

marula a kind of duck

mara_la soft, mild, tender

mari_ca peppercorn

mari_ci ray of light, mirage (Pali)

marut pl. storm gods (RV.)

maruva marjoram

markat.aka a species of grass; makar.i large millet (Sh.); makra_ the grass eleusine aegyptica (Bi.); markaka ardea argala; makaei maize (D..); makka_ (H.); mayat.a grass-house

mareza border region (Av.); marz (Pers.); brunc meadow (Kt.); munz (Pr.); marya_da region (RV.); boundary; me_ra_ boundary (Pkt.); majja_ (Pkt.)

mar.a_ treading out rice by oxen (Or.); mand.un to trample (K.)

maira_ platform for watching crops from (H.)

man~ca stage, platform

markat.a monkey (VS.)

markat.a spider

me_n.d.ha ram; min.d.a_l markhor (Tor.); meh ram (H.); mei wild goat (WPah.)

me~r.hwa_ a bullock with curved horns like a ram's (Bi.) me~r.a_, me~d.a_ ram with curling horns (H.)

merg ibex; mancu~_ markhor kid (Pr.); mran. markhor (Dm.); marya young man, stallion (RV.); maryaka (RV.); maru_ka deer; wild animal, deer (RV.); markhor (Dardic); muriri ibex skin (Kho.); mirho~ ravine deer (L.); maya_ro oorial (Sh.); maia_ro wild animal of goat or sheep type (including, markhor, ibex and oorial)(Sh.)

mi_n:g leopard (Tor.)

mirho~ boar (L.)

ma_rga track, road

ma~_g grain asked for at harvest time (Ku.); ma_gu~ request, request for marriage (G.)

mardala a kind of drum; ma_dhal drum (N.)

ma_duli drum-shaped amulet (B.)

ma_dhal hub of wheel (N.)

malana rubbing, grinding, crushing; mal.n.i_ kneading (Konkan.i)

mal possess

mala dirt (AV.)

mallan- wrestler (Ta.); malla (Pali.Pkt.)

mallaka bowl (Pali)

mallika_ jasminum zambac; mullai (Ta.)

malha dewlapped (TS.)

mas'aka mosquito (AV.); matsara mosquito, fly

mas.ati hurts (Dha_tup.); masagu to rub (Ka.)

mas.i black powder, lampblack, ink; mai (Ta.)

masi_na_ linseed, linum usitatissimum

masu_ra lentil (VS.)

mosoru pockmarked (K.); masuri smallpox (B.)

mastu sour cream (TS.); whey

mah great (RV.); maha_ in cmpds.; mahattara chief, village eldest (R.); mahallaka venerable, old (Pali); mahama_tra chief, best; king's minister; elephant driver; ma_huta warrior mounted on elephant (Or.); maha festival (Pali); ma_to village headman (WPah.)[masta head]

me_ra_ cook (L.); ma_ha_ra cattle-keeper, sweeper (Or.)

bha_nsa_ cooking and eating room, meal (N.); bhansa_-ghar cook-house; bha_nas meal (Bi.Mth.); earthen vessels furnished by the bride's father for bridegroom's house (M.)[pa_n-ai pot (Ta.)]; bha_n.d.a pot; maha_nasa kitchen; kitchen utensils[maha_, anas]; maha_n.asa kitchen (Pkt.); bhansa_ (Ku.)

bhai~sa_ (P.); mahis.a buffalo; ma_his.a of or coming from a buffalo (Pa_n..); bhai~_sa_ produced from a buffalo (Or.)

mahila_ woman; amorous woman

ma_ measure

ma_ negative of prohibition (used with conjuctive and imperative)(RV.) flesh (RV.); ma~_su (S.)

ma_diga cobbler (Ka.); ma_tan:ga man of the lowest caste

mana house, dwelling (RV.); ma_n nest (Pas'.)

ma_na skin-bag for ghee (Dm.)

ma_rjara cat

ma_rttika earthen; ma_t. earthen vessel for storing grain; underground grain pit (Bi.)

ma_la_ wreath, garland [ma_lai (Ta.)]

ma_s.a bean (RV.Pali.Pkt.)

ma_s, ma_sa moon, month (RV.)

ma_sara rice gruel; scum distilled from boiled rice, intoxicant of rice and grape juice (Or.)

miks. mix; mis'ra mixed (RV.); miso made of mixed grains (S.)

micka_na_ to wink (H.); nime..a blink

mith oppose; mihn.a_ to reproach, abuse (P.); maithuna coupled; mehu_n. newly married couple (M.)

mil unites, meets

mih piss

mih mist, rain (RV.); me_gha cloud, rain (RV.)

mi_ diminish

mi_l close the eyes

mi_v push

mukus.t.ha a kind of bean; mukus.t.a (BHSkt.); makus.t.a phaseolus aconitifolius; mudgas.t.ha; a kind of pulse or vetch (S.); mo_t.h phaseolus aconitifolius (L.P.); mat.h (M.)

mukut.a tiara, crest, point, head; makut.a crest (Pa.); mukat.u top (Ta.); mar.a a kind of tinsel crown (MB.); mad.a crown (OG.)

mukut.abaddha, mud.udhu petty chieftain (OG.)

makula bud (Pali)

mukli blow with fist (K.); mut.ka (Pa.); mut.ka_ fist (Kur.); mus.t.i clenched fist, hand (RV.)

mukta_ pearl [muttu (Ta.)]

mukha mouth, face (RV.)

mucati release (RV.)[muc]

mucc piece of meat (P.); mucca_ piece of meat about 1/4 seer in weight (P.); mucu lump, heap (S.)

mo_jan escape, deliverance, protection (Sh.) to turn back (S.); to plait, braid (Ta.)

mut.hra_, mut.hariya_ bullock with stunted horns (Bi.) mun.d.a bald; muno blunt, less by a quarter (S.); upright post of water-wheel (S.);

munn pillar, pst (L.)

mud gladden

mud mix, wet

mudgara mallet; mu~gro club (Ku.)

mudra_ seal, signet-ring

murala the small fish aspidoparia marar (Or.)

mus. steal

musala pestle (AV.)

mussa_ having horns slightly bent and curving up (L.)

muh bewilder

mu_ka dumb

mu_ta basket; mohr.a_ small bundle, baggage (L.)

mu_rch coagulate

muddhan head, summit (Pali)

mu_la root (RV.)

mu_lya capital

mu_s.a rat, mouse

mu~_k yellow clay (Wg.)

mu_s.a_ crucible; muhi (A.)

mr.c hurt

mr.j rub

mu_t.i white earth, chalk [mr.d earth, clay (VS.)]

mr. rub, crush; mr.d rub, crush; mr.s.t.a rubbed, washed, pure (RV.); to polish (M.); matha churning (Pa_n..gan.a)

mathana brazier's hammer (Bi.); mathani_ seal-maker's hammer (Bi.); churn, churning-stick (Bhoj.); math-mahan churn (Bi.); mahana churning (OH.)[manth crush, rub, churn]

maha~_r.a_, maha_r.a vessel for making curds in (Bi.)

mr.dh neglect

mr.s' touch, seize

mr.s. forget

mr.s.a_ in vain (RV.); falsely (AV.)

me_khala_ girdle (AV.); band, fillet

meca fish roe (Or.); meca_ lump (Or.)

met.t.a_ hillock (Or.); men.d.a_ lump, clot (Or.)

mi~_d.hi_, mi~_d.ho braid in a woman's hair (S.)

me_thi pillar in threshing floor to which oxen are fastened (AV.); me_d.hi (Pkt.)

me_das fat, marrow (RV.); meh fat (Kal.); mi_ fat, marrow (Sv.); me_dyati is fat(RV.); mijjh, mijh marrow (P.)

me_r mountain (Kho.)

mya_la pl. fair (Ku.); mel agreement (N.)

mo_ negative in prohibitions [ma_, u]; moh (Kho.)

mokh price paid for an amulet (L.); mokhan.u to redeem anything pawned (S.)

moci_ cobbler (S.L.P.); musi (A.)

mor.ha_ wicker stool (H.)

mo_daka small round sweetmeat (Pali); -mo_daka in num. cmpds. (

mauna silence

mraks. rub

mrad rub

mle_ch speak indistinctly

mlai wither

ya relative pron. and pronom. adj., sg. nom.

yakkha a supernatural being (Pali)

yaj sacrifice

yat dispose

yantra controlling device [yam control]

yabh copulate

yama twin (RV.); javat.a pair, twins (OM.); ja_vl.e~ twins (M.)

yava barley (RV.); jau (N.); javkha_r saltpetre made from burnt barley straw (G.)

yavana_la andropogon bicolor; juna_lo maize (Ku.); jo~d.i_ millet (H.); jo~dhl.a_ the grain holcus sorghum (M.) jua_ri, jo_va_ri a kind of grain, millet (Pkt.); java_r, javha_r, javha~_ri_, juva_ri_ millet, holcus sorghum (M.) jaulo gruel (Ku.); ja_vri_ rice and pulse (G.) yohon.i_, yohan.i_ oats (Phal.)

ja~_t.hi stick (Ku.); yat.t.hi staff (Pali)

ya_ go

ya_c beg

yu join, mix

yu separate

jut yoked (L.); juttn.a_ to be joined, be yoked (P.); yuga yoke (RV.); ju~v, ju~_ yoke (M.)[yuj join]; jud.ia met (Pkt.); jud.n.e~ to come together (M.)

yudh fight

zuvli, zuli woman, girl (Gypsy)

yu_ka louse

juho thicket of trees (S.)

yu_s.a broth; ju_sa (Pkt.)

jokhan.u to weigh (S.)

ram.h hasten

ram.ka poor (Pkt.)

ratta dyed, red (Pali); rudhira red, bloody (AV.)

raks. guard

ran:g move to and fro

ran:ga tin

ran:ga borax

rac fashion

raj please, be attached to

rajju rope, cord (RV.)

raj dye

rat. scream

ran. rejoice

ran. rattle, jingle

rad scrape

randh subdue, cook

rap talk; ra_va shriek, yell; rambh bellow; ru roar

ravaya churning stick (Pkt.)

rabh take hold

ram rest

ramb hang down to be joined, be mixed (L.)

ravi sun (Pali.Pkt.)

ras'ana rope, bridle (RV.)

ras'mi rope, bridle, ray of light (RV.)

ras cry out

ras be wet

rahar, rahri_ the pulse cytisus cajanus (Bi.)

ra_j shine

ra_j rule

ra_jika_ mustard sinapis racemosa

ra_tri_ night (RV.)

ra_dh accomplish

rikh scratch

rikh move, crawl; rin:g crawl

rin:g to weep, cry (Wot..Bshk.)

ric leave

ris' tear off

ris. injure

ri_ melt, flow

ruc shine; rus' shine

ruj break; ru break

rudh grow

rudh obstruct

rup pierce

rus. be angry

ruh grow, rise

ru_a carded cotton (Pkt.)

ru_pa form, beauty (RV.)

re_kha_ line, streak (Pali); likha writer ([likh scratch, write; li_ka line, streak (S.)]

re_n.u dust, sand (RV.)

rai bark

ro_t.ate_ strikes against (Dha_tup.); rot.u thick bread (S.); rot.t.a rice flour (Pkt.)

ro_man hair (RV.)

ro_mantha_yate_ chews the cud (Pa_n..)

ro_han.a means of ascending (RV.); name of a mountain in Sri Lanka

lakut.a club

lakku heap, pile of money (esp. in gambling)(N.)

lakk waist, loins

laks. mark, aim at

lag adhere

laghu light (AV.)

lan:ka_ Sri Lanka

la~_k the grain lathyrus sativus (H.); la~_g (G.); la~_k, la~_kh (M.); laka ear or spike of wild rice (Si.); la_ja fried or parched grain (VS.); la_wa_ fried unhusked rice (N.)

neng great pile of cooked rice (K.)

laja tail [la_n:gu_la tail]

la_n:gala plough (RV.); nan:gala (Pali)

lan:gara_ earthen vessel used by dyers (P.); na_n.lo winnowing tray (N.); la_n:gi fishing net (A.); la_n:gul basket for corn (B.)

la~_g fold of cloth between thighs (H.); la~_gar. loincloth (P.)

lan:gati limps (Dha_tup.); lakhaut.o fat castrated goat (Ku.); lan.u lameness; len.ur humpbacked and lame (A.)

lin:ga characteristic attribute; penis; lin.un.i_ tail of sheep or goat (WPah.)

lan:gh leap; lan:ghayati leaps over; lan:ghe_ti jumps over (Pali)

la_gun to attack (K.)

lajj be ashamed

laca present, bribe

lat.a fool

la_t.ayati shakes, throws (Dha_tup.)

la_t. tail (L.)

lad.d.u a kind fo sweetmeat; la_d.u_ (G.M.); led.d.u clod of earth (Pali)

lan.d. toss up

lata_ creeper

lap chatter

labha quail (VS.)

lhadu_ to load (Phal.); lard load

labh take, obtain

lamb hang; lamba_ long, tall (Or.)

lal fondle

lavan:ga clove (Pali)

leik to reap, mow (Kho.); launa_ to cut, reap (H.)

las move quickly, flash, sport

lahari_ large wave

lochik gum exuding from a tree (Kho.); la_ks.a_ lac, red dye

la_van.ika dealing in salt

lin:g embrace

lip smear

lis' tear off

lih lick

li_ cling to

li_ melt

luc pluck out

lo_t.ati rolls (Dha_tup.); lut. roll; lut.h roll, set in motion; lud. roll, swing, agitate

lot.t.ha lump (Pkt.)

lutra_ trifling (P.); lutrukka flabby, shrunken (N.)

lup destroy

lubh desirous

lubh agitate, disturb

lu_ cut

lu_ma tail

lu_s. steal

lu_sai destroys, distresses (Pkt.); lus. to be burnt (Dm.)

le_t. lie down

le_la_yate_ moves to and fro

lo_k see; lo_ka world (Pali)

lot.a small metal or earthen pot (K.)

lo_ha red, copper-coloured; made of copper

vam.s'a bamboo (RV.); family, lineage

vah. enclitic 2 pl. pronoun

vaks. grow [uks.a]

vakkha_ granary (Pkt.)

vagr.o waste land (G.)

van:ka crooked, bend (Pali)

van:ga tin, lead

van:ga cotton

vac speak (RV.); vad speak (RV.); vand praise (RV.); valh speak

va_s' cry (of animals)

vac move

vat.a the banyan ficus indica

vat.a small lump

vad.ra big

van.ij trader (RV.)

van.t. share

bachero colt (N.); vatsa calf, child (RV.)

vadh strike

vadhri castrated (RV.)

vana single, tree (RV.)

vap shear

vap scatter

vap weave

vam vomit

vayam we (RV.)

vr.ka wolf (RV.)

vr.kka du. kidneys (AV.) cut down, broken (RV.)[vras'c cut]

vr.ks.a tree (RV.); bi_kh tree (WPah.)

bruku bending of something perpendicular (esp. the backbone) under too heavy a weight (K.); bi_ka_ crooked (H.)[vr.kta in cmpds. turned, bent (RV.); vr.j bend]

varaka cloak [vr. cover]

varaka phaseolus tribulus (Pali); a kind of rice (Pkt.)

varat.a_, barata seed of safflower; bera_o buckwheat (Sh.)

bra~_d front-doorstep (K.); bara_mda (Pers.)

we_ri_ speech, language, word (Ash.)

varga class, group

varn.a appearance, colour, class (RV.)

vat.t.a cup (Pkt.)

vartika_ quail (RV.)

vartman track of a wheel, path (RV.); ba_t. path, pass (Ku.)

varvat.a the bean dolichos sinensis

val turn, cover; vallate_ (Dha_tup.); balna_ to twist, braid, plait (H.)

valaya bracelet

vali_mukha monkey (R.)

valg leap

va_la_ a kind of grain, millet (Pkt.); ba_li cornfield, crops, harvest (N.); ba_li_ ear of maize (Aw.); standing crop (OMarw.); valla a kind of wheat; a kind of grain (Pkt.) va_laka a kind of andropogon; va_l.a_ (M.)

ba_lam lover, husband (H.); valaho husband; vara suitor, bridegroom, husband (RV.)

valli_ creeper [val.l.i (Ta.)]

vas' will

vas wear, dress

va_gura_ net or trap for animals

bazo_lo wild animals' lair or den (Sh.); va_sa abode (RV.) [vas dwell]

vas shine; vahur.o wealthy (S.)

vehar. young bull (L.); va_har., vohur. (L.); va_ha draught animal (RV.)

bahal, bahali_, baheli_ two-wheeled cart [vah carry]

ve~_gi_ carrying-pole (L.)

wus'pi_ wasp (Kt.)

va_ or (RV.)

va_ blow

va_ch desire [van desire (RV.)]

va_t.a enclosure, fence; va_d. fence (M.); vr.ti hedge, fence, enclosed piece of ground (esp. for betel); vati fence (Pali); vahi_ fence, enclosure (M.)

va_t.a panicum spicatum

va_ta wind (RV.); va_yu wind (RV.)

va_nara monkey; ba~_dro (Marw.)

va_bhi spider

va_ra hair of tail (RV.)

va_ran.a wild, (with elephant (RV.)

va_d.ho carpenter (S.) [vardh cut; wa_t. axe (Wg.)]

va_luka_ sand, gravel

va_s'i_ sharp-pointed knife or adze (RV.)

va_s smell

bigha_, bigahi_ seed plot (M.); vi~ghu~ measure of land (G.)

bighat span (B.); vitasti measure of length consisting of span between extended thumb and little finger or between wrist and tip of fingers

vigrahan.a distribution (TS.); distributes (RV.)

vaga_hun.a_, baga_hun.a_ to throw, fling (a spear, bludgeon, etc.)(P.)

vij move suddenly

ve_da knowledge, sacred knowledge (RV.)[vid know, find out]

ve_di raised place or ground serving as an altar and usu. strewed with kus'a grass (RV.); bei quadrangular frame of greenery forming platform on which ceremonial bathing of bride and bridegroom is performed (A.); ve_di cornice, ledge, rail (Pali)

vidha_ division; vidara fissure (Nais.); bi_dar a kind of harrow used to loosen soil and remove weeds from standing rice (H.)

vip tremble, agitate

vira hero; ire man (Shum.)

virala wide apart, loose, thin, few; bilaga separate (Or.OAw.)

vilambha gift; viraha division (S.); vira fixed allowance of food (S.); bilo share in the spoil (N.); bila_ distribute (B.); bil.ahiba_, bil.ohiba_ to distribute, serve food, choose (Or.); vilabhate_ consigns, allots; vilambhayati causes to receive; vilha_van. to divide, allot (L.); bila_iba to bestow, distribute, serve out (food)(A.); bila_na to distribute (B.); bila_iba_ to distribute, give away (Or.); bila_na_ to bestow (H.); vira_han.u to distribute (S.); vara_vvu~ to give (G.)

bilo present of meat (Ku.)

virad.a young tree sapling (M.); to mount, climb, grow vigorously (M.)

viva_ha marriage (AV.)

ve_s'iya inhabitant (RV.); vus'i_ neighbour (Kt.)[vis' enter, settle in]

vis.t.i forced labour [vis. be active; ve_s.a work, activity (VS.)]

visum. individually (Pali); visum.-visum. one by one (Pali)[vis.u-ru_pa];, Vis.n.u (Pkt.)[vis.un.a taking various forms]

vis. excrement

vis.a poison (RV.)

ve_s.a dress, assumed appearance; besa_ dress, guise (H.); dress, ornaments (OMth.); ve_s.t. wrap

vis.a_n.a horn, tusk (AV.); visa_n.a horn (Pali.Pkt.); horned; visa_n.i horned (Pkt.)

visa_hia accomplished (Pkt.); viha_in.u to buy (S.); bisa_, besa_ purchase of grain (Ku.); besa_unu to buy (N.); bisa_hna_ to get possession of, buy (H.); visa_hai exchanges (OG.)

vi_ pursue

vi_j, vyaj fan

vi_t.a_ small piece of stick shaped like a barley-corn and struck in the game of tipcat; vi_d.ia_ roll of betel (Pkt.)[vi_t.i_ the betel plant piper betel

vi_d. make firm

vi_n.a_ lute (TS.)

vi_thi road, street [vi_ta straight (RV.)]

vr.ks.ate_ chooses (Dha_tup.)[vr. choose]

vr.j strength

vr.tta turned (RV.)[vr.t turn]

vr.tti mode of life, conduct; business; wages; vutti practice, usage (Pali); buti daily labour, wages (Ku.)

vr.dh increase

vr.nta caterpillar (AV.)

vr.s'cika scorpion (RV.); vr.s'cana; bichu (Or.)

vars.a rain (RV.)[vr.s. rain]

vasabha bull (Pali)[ strong, great; male, bull (RV.)]

ve_man loom (VS.)[ve_ weave]

ve_n.i braided hair

ve_n.u reed, bamboo (RV.)

ve_ta cane, reed; wei willow (Pas'.)

ve_can. to sell (L.); becna_ (H.)[ve_tane_na kri_tah. hired (; ve_ti procures (RV.)]

ve_nati sees, looks (RV.); vae_n to see (Av.); wan.a_ to show (Ash.); binum I saw (Dm.)

ve_la garden, grove

ve_la_ limit, boundary, time [vi_l., i_l. ebb and flow of tide, time (M.)]

ve_ll shake

ve_s'a prostitution (Pa_n..gan.a)

vai be exhausted

ve_hat barren cow or cow that miscarries (AV.); ve_hati miscarries; ve_ha_yate_ (Pa_n..gan.a); bahila_ barren (usu. of cattle)(H.)

vaira hostile, n. enmity (AV.)

ve_sa_kha the month April-May (Pali)

vyan:ga crippled (AV.)

vyan:ga speckled (AV.)

vyath go astray

vyadh pierce

vo_harati administers, governs (Pali); vuharai buys (OG.); buhuru vendor of drugs, etc. (K.)

vaggo_lai chews the cud (Pkt.); va_gul. chewing the cud (M.)

va_kudn.e~ to jump about, frisk, frolic [ku_rd jump] returns (OMarw.)[gho_t.ate_ turns (Dha_tup.)]

vya_ghra tiger (AV.); bara_gh leopard (P.); va_gh (G.M.)

vya_la wicked, bischievous (AV.); beast of prey

vi_ta covered (RV.)[vye_ cover]

vraj go

vri_d. be ashamed

vri_hi rice (AV.); wric barley (Kt.); biu~_, bri_u~ rice (Sh.)

wle_i flour (Ash.)[vli_ press]

s'am.s proclaim; s' recitation, praise, curse (RV.)

sak be strong, be able; satta able (Pali); s'akti power (RV.); sakka Indra (Pali.Pkt.); s'akra mighty (esp. of Indra)(RV.); Indra; sak (Si.); s'akvan skilful, powerful (AV.VS.); saha strong (RV.Pkt.); -saha in cmpd. 'enduring' (Pali); sagh be strong or able; sagho strong (S.)

s'akara, s'akala chip, fragment; s'alka chip, shaving (TS.); sakka bark (Pkt.); hakh collection of splinters and twigs and driftwood etc. for fuel (K.); sakk chip, splinter, bark (P.); s'e_kar. bark of tree; s'a_kr.a_ bark (WPah.) consisting of six (RVPra_t.); collection of six; chakka set of six (Pali); sak aggregate of six (M.)[s'as., six (RV.)]

sa_t.hi_, sa~_t.hi_ rice ripening in 60 days (H.)

s'akvara, s'a_kvara, s'an:kara bull; s'a_kvara mighty (of bull)(AV.); bull (VS.); hakhur, hakhoru bull, bullock (K.); s'akkoro well-developed bull-calf [kura small]; s'akkuro unbroken ox (WPah.); sarak-a_, harak-a_ bull (Si.)

sakkhara education (Pkt.); sa_ks.ara containing letters; eloquent; sa_khara literate (H.) witness; sakkhi (Pali)

s'akya_, s'iks.ati provide (RV.)

s' in: go_tra_ s' drive, bring (RV.); s'iks.ate_ moves (RV.); sak to be past (of time)(Av.); s.vask, sask, s.ukk, go (Dha_tup.)[hakk shout; ha~_kai drives, directs (OAw.); haklan. to drive (L.)]

s'akat.a cart

s'akala chip, fragment, log (TS.)

s'akr.t dung (RV.)

s'aka a white-skinned tribe (AVParis'.)

s'an:k doubt, fear

s'an:ku peg (RV.); stake (Pali)

s'an:ku spike (RV.); spike, javelin (Pali); xa~ka_li a kind of fishing spear (A.); sa_n:gi_ pitchfork (P.); sa~_ga one fork of a forked stick (S.); s'akti spear; satti knife, dagger (Pali)

s'an:kha conch-shell (AV.); san:kha conch, mother-of-pearl (Pali)

s'an:kha part of an elephant's head between the tusks

sa~gh throat (L.); s'a~_gi_ (WPah.)

s'at. fall off, disintegrate, be destroyed, be depressed, be ill

sat. go

s'an.a hemp (AV.); xani, xeni inner stalk of rice straw (A.)

s'ata 100 (RV.)

s'atru enemy (RV.)

s'ad fall

s'adaka unhusked corn

s'ap swear, curse

s'aphara the fish cyprinus saphore; sabhara, sahara a fish (Pkt.)

s'ara_va a partic. measure (TS.); shallow cup or dish, its flat cover; sara_va cup, saucer (Pali); s'arava having a lid (KharI.)

s'avara, s'arvara spotted; s'abala spotted (RV.)

s'ambara a kind of deer; sa_mbar, sa_bar large kind of stag (H.); sa_mara_ pl. deer (OG.); sa~_bar a sort of elk, cervus elephas, cervus hippelephas, cervus aristotelis (M.); s'araha a kind of deer (AV.); s'uru the wild goat or markhor (Kt.); cervus horned animal (Lat.); so_ the mountain goat or markhor (Ash.)

s'am calm, rest

s'am receive

s'am cut up, perform ritual

s'amita_ rice-powder

s'ami_ pod,legume; s'imba; s'ima pl. husks (K.); hem pod of bean or pea (K.); si_mi_ bean, autumnal pulse (Ku.)

s'amba weapon used by Indra (RV.); iron head of pestle

s'ambu bivalve shell

s'ele~ thill-yoke (M.); samaila_ inner pins joining the two bars of the yoke of a plough (Bi.); soilo yoke-pin (N.)

s'eli_ grain, bran (Gypsy)

s'ar protect

s'ara reed from which arrows are made (RV.)

s'arad autumn (RV.)

s'aras cream, skin on boiled milk (VS.)

s'ara_d.i a kind of heron

s'al move

s'alabha grasshopper, locust, moth

s'ala_ka_ any small stake or stick; s'alya arrow, javelin (RV.)

s'almali the silk cotton tree bombax heptaphyllum (RV.)

s'as'a hare (RV.)

s'astra instrument for cutting [s'as cut]

s'a_kha_ branch (RV.)

s'a_t.a strip of cloth

s'a_ta falling; falling out, decaying (of hair, nails, etc.)[cetta (Te.)]

s'a_da young grass (RV.)

s'a_na whetstone

s'a_la_ shed, stable, house (AV.); s'a_lika_ house, shop

sa_ri maina; s'a_rika_ graculus religiosa or maina; mayan.a_ the bird graculus religiosa or maina (Pkt.)

sa_ri piece at chess (Pali); dice (OAw.); s'a_rika_ playing at chess; sa_ra piece in a game; die (Pkt.); s'a_ri chessman (Pali.Pkt.); sa_ri dice (OAw.)

sara_ string, garland, necklace (Pkt.)

sa_ri, sa_ir, sa_r row, series (B.); sa_r procession of Hindu women (L.)

sa_ri_ unhusked rice (S.); sa_ri growing or unhusked rice (Bi.); saria~_ rice (L.); s'a_li growing or unhusked rice; pl. grains of rice (R.); s'a_lika of rice; sa_li rice (Pali); xa_li principal variety of transplanted rice (A.)

s'a_va young of an animal; sa_va boy, child (Pkt.)

s'aweli_ pregnant (Kt.)

s'a_s order, punish

s'iks. learn

s'ikha_ tuft, topknot, crest

sita sharp (Pali)

siha_ru the shrub boehmeria salcifolia (having fibrous bark used for making net ropes)(P.)

s'iras head (RV.)

s'ila gathering stalks and ears of corn; silla_ ear of corn (P.); sillo ear of corn or maize (WPah.); silli_ grain and chaff ready for winnowing (Bi.)

s'ili_ dart, arrow ; s'il spear (Ash.);

s'ili_pr.s.t.ha epithet of a sword; s'el arrowhead (K.)

s'ili_indhra the fish mystus chitala; sil.inda the fish silundia gangeticus (Or.)

s'ila_ rock, crag (AV.)

s'il scum on water (K.)

s'ilpa artistic work; manual craft

s'iva auspicious (RV.)

s'isira cold (R.); cold season (AV.); s'i_tala cold

s'i_ lie down

s'i_ fall

susuka_ crocodile (Pali); sus (Ku.N.); sos (N.); susva_l. crocodile (G.);sesaru large crocodile or alligator (S.); sisa_r crocodile (L.); sosva_t., sosva_l. crocodile (G.); sus(v)ar (M.)

sisa_ solid grains of rice left after wing has blown away chaff (Or.)[s'e_s.a remainder; arrears of tax]

xukat.i dried fish (A.); sukut.i dried meat or fish (N.); sukt.i (B.)

tu_ka balance, weight (Ka.)

haum hen pheasant (K.); s'o_m (Kt.); sa~_-wacu_ hen monal pheasant (Ash.)

su_kaka barley, a bearded kind of wheat; su_a_, sua~_ a kind of grass and its seed, panicum frumentaceum, sarsaparilla (Or.); s'u_ka awn of grain (R.); su_ka awn of barley, etc. (Pali); su_a awn of rice, etc. (Pkt.); sua~_ beard of some grains (Or.); su_a_, suwa_ awn of rice, etc. (Pkt.)

s'ya_mala dark-coloured; sa~_valu title of Kr.s.n.a (S.); sa_ma black, dark, golden-coloured (Pali); dark, dark-blue (Pkt.)

sa_va_ grey, greyish, green (P.); s'ya_vya_ pl. darkness (RV.)

sua~_k, sa_u~k, sau~k wild rice (P.); soak a kind of millet (P.); sa_m a kind of autumn millet (Mth.); ha_ma the fodder grass panicum colonum (K.); s'ya_maka the millet panicum frumentaceum (VS.); sa_ma_ millet (B.); the millet panicum italicum; a medicinal plant (Pali); s'ya_ma_ a kind of plant (used for curing leprosy); s'a_ma_ (S'aunakaAV.); sa_vyan. straw of panicum frumentaceum (M.); sa~_wa_ a wild rice (Aw.); panicum frumentaceum (H.); sa~_wa, sa_ma_ (H.); sava~_k, sava_k the grass panicum colonum (L.); sa~_vak the grain ophismenus frumentaceus (L.); panicum colonum (P.)

su_ka_ dry; dry land (H.); s'us.ka dried (RV.)[s'us. dry]

su_a_ spit used in fishing (L.); turner's spindle, sprout, blade of grass (P.);

s'u_la spike, spit (RV.); su_la spit, trident (Pkt.)

s'uka parrot (RV.)

s'ukti oyster shell; sutti shell (Pkt.)

s'a_rn:ga made of horn; (Pkt.); s.a_n:g horn (Pas'.); a small horn (Pas'.); ha~_gul the stag cervus wallichii (K.)

srun:g horn (Kho.); s'rung (Lor.); s.ugo (Sh.); sru_ horn (Av.); cu_ horn (Pr.); s.o_ (Tor.); so_ markhor (Ash.); co_w male markhor (Wg.); cerau_ (Yid.); s'r.nga horn (RV.); si~ghaut.a_ weapon-cleaner's polishing horn (Bi.); horn-altar (Kal.)

t.u~gar orphaned of one parent (Mth.)

s'us.n.a sun, fire; s'un:ga_r summer (Dm.)

sin:ga_ra erotic sentiment (Pali); sim.ga_ra adornment (Pkt.)

s'r.n:gi_ a partic. kind of fish; sin:gi (B.); sin.e a fish with hornlike projections (N.)

s'ulka price, value (RV.); tax, toll (AV.); dowry; sun:ka toll, tax, profit, purchase price of wife (Pali); cun:gi_ octroi duty, esp. tax on sale of grain (H.); cu~gi_ grain tax (G.); cun:kam (Ta.)

s'un:ga_ sheath or calyx of young bud; xun. awn of corn, anything pointed (A.); sun:g awn, hair of caterpillar (B.); su~_g, su~_gh beard of wheat (Bi.); s'un:gulu ear of corn with grain in it (Kho.); t.u~gna_ ear of wheat (Bi.); t.u~gni_ cutting ears without stalks (Bi.)

t.ukro piece, splinter (N.); t.hunko, t.hanko fragment, stroke (N.)

t.o~g point, beak (H.)

tu_n:ga, t.o~_ka scorpion (Wg.); bite, sting (Pkt.)

t.hu_t.ha_ hornless bullock (Bi.); t.hut.o hornless (N.); d.u~_d.a_ bullock with one horn (H.)

d.un.d.ri_ short tail of the Thal sheep (L.)

t.hun:ga_ lopped off, solitary (Or.) d.u~r.o lame (N.) dwarfish (H.); t.he~gn.a_ dwarfish (M.)

t.hun.a_ blow with the knuckles (Or.); t.hokn.a_ to strike (P.); t.hokar blow (H.G.); blow with fist (H.)

s'una prosperity

d.u~r.h trough, wooden or bamboo water- channel, gutter (N.); d.un:gi dug-out canoe (Or.)

d.un.d. bare trunk of tree (P.); t.un.d. stump of branch (H.); t.ot.o piece of stick (S.); t.hum.t.ha stump (Pkt.); t.o~_t.i_ pipe (Bhoj.); t.hut.o stump (of tree or maize)(N.); t.hut.h stump (L.); t.un.d. stump of arm (H.)

so~t.a_, sot.a_ stout short stick (Bi.); so~t.a_ staff (M.)

su~_d.i elephant's trunk (S.); so~d. id. (M.); s'un.d.a_ elephant's trunk; son.d.a elephant's trunk (Pali); t.un.d.a trunk

su~d.hiyu~ inferior kind of large millet (G.); sun.d.ho stubble, roots of corn (S.); sun.d.ha_, sud.d.ha_, su~d.ha_ stubble (L.); sun.d.(h)-ga_h second treading out of corn after winnowing (L.); su_hur.a_ hull or bran of wheat; su_r.hi_, su_hur.i hull or bran of pulse (P.)

su~_d.i_, su~_r.i_ spirituous liquor (H.)

s'un.t.hi_ dry ginger

s'ubh shine; s'cand shine

sod(h)n.o to look for (Ku.); s'ujhn.u to see, witness (WPah.); su~_jhan.u to look about, spy here and there (S.)

sodha_, sudha_ to pay off (B.); sujhiba_ to clear (a debt), repay (Or.)

s'ulba, s'ulva string, cord; su~b fibrous integuments of coconut (M.) to cut off or pluck up weeds in a field of millet; su_r. simple, direct, straight (G.)

s'u_dra man of the fourth class (RV.); sudda (Pali); su_dar (P.)

s'r.ga_la jackal

sin:ghati smells (Pali); s'in:ghati smells (Dha_tup.)

s'r.n:khala chain; san:gal chain (P.); sa~_kal (H.)

s'r.n:kha_n.ika_ mucus of the nose

s'r._ crush

s'mas'a_na erection for burning dead (TS.)

s'mas'ru beard, mustache (RV.)

s'ye_na hawk, falcon, eagle (RV.)

s'yai congeal, freeze

s'ram.s, sram.s fall

s'raddha_ trust (RV.); desire

s'ranthayati ties, connects, arranges (Dha_tup.)[s'rath tie]

s'ram weary

s'rambh rest on

s'it.h, s'it. house (Bshk.)[s'i_t ladder (Kal.); si_ndi_ (Shum.); seni_ (H.)]

s'ra_ cook

s'ris. stick to

s'ris. be in, enter [s'ri be in, enter]

s'ri light, beauty (RV.); welfare, riches (AV.); siri_ prosperity (Pali.Pkt.); si_ (Pkt.)

s'ro_tra ear (RV.)[s'ru hear]

s're_n.i line, row, troop (RV.); se_n.i guild, division of army (Pali)

s'la_gh boast, praise

s'lis. stick to

s'van dog (RV.)

s'vas'ura husband's father (RV.)

s'vas breathe [s'us. breathe]

s'vas on the following day, tomorrow; s'uvas (RV.)

s'vi swell

s'vit white

s.t.hi_v spit

sa, so_ nom. sg. m. pron. and pronom. adj. he, that (RV.) sa- comitative prefix

san:kha_ number (Pali)

sam.gha association, a community

san:ghara with one's own family (Pali)

ja_n:gala desert region

sam.ja_ agreement; sa_n understanding (B.); sa~_j rule to make an offering to the spirits out of the new corn before eating it, faithfulness of the ground to yield its usual crop (M.); sa~_je~ vow (M.)

sa~gad. a body formed of two or more fruits or animals or men etc.linked together (M.)

sa~gad. part of a turner's apparatus (M.)

san:gha_, san:ga_ copulation (of animals)(Or.)

san:gha_, san:ga_ bamboo scaffolding inside triangular thatch (Or.)

sa~gad. float made of two canoes joined together (M.)[ (Ta.); jan:gala double-canoe (Tu.)]

jagat men and animals (RV.); moving, living (RV.); jan:gama moving (AitUp.); jha~_k flock (H.); ja~_gl.i_ herdsman

jan:ga_la dyke

jan:gha_ shank (ankle to knee)(RV.)

jhan:g thicket (L.P.) leopard (Ash.)

ja_n:gli_ boar

sacna_ to pile up, collect, store (H.); cayayati piles up (Dhat_tup.); cha_cua_ brick-layer (Or.); sa~cab to store (Mth.)

sajjana preparation, equipment [saj cling to]

saca_, sacca_ mould (P.)

saca_ra entrance, passage, road (Pali)

sam.dam.s'a tongs, pincers (AV.); san.d.a_sa_, sa~r.sa_ large pincers (H.); pincers (G.);' goldsmith's pincers (K.);' forceps (B.)

sa~_dh boundary (N.); joint (M.); sa~_d(h)i_ joint, chink (M.); handiya joint, knot (Si.)

sandh, sannh crack between two surfaces (P.)

sun agreement, settlement (Kt.); sand meeting, confluence (K.)

satth place where men and cattle assemble, brotherhood (L.)

sa~_th lease of land, rent for land (G.)

sam.put.a hemispherical bowl; hollow of hand (Pali)

sam.bha_ra bringing togerther; materials (AV.); sam.bha_ra collection, spices (Pkt.); xambha_r provisions, ingredients (A.); sambhr.ti equipment (Skt.) sam.bhata collected, stored (Pali); store of food (Pali)

sambhui_ fisherman's poled net (S.)

saktu coarsely ground meal (RV.); satu~_ parched grain (S.); satua_ flour of maize and other grain (Mth.); satthu barley meal (Pali)

sakthan, sakthi_ thigh, thigh-bone (RV.); satthi thigh (Pali)

sat.t.a exchanged (Pkt.)

sa~_d.h, sa~_d.hiyo camel (G.)

sac follow

sai yield of harvest, plenty (Ku.); la_u-sa_u gain (H.); sa_ti winning, gaining (RV.); sa_i_ earnest money (Aw.H.)[san win]

sant existing, real, true (RV.)[satya truth, true (RV.); promise (AV.)]

sanna deposited [sad sit]; sa_n anything given in pledge (G.); sun, hun, un seated (G.); haste_s.u sa_dayati (AV.)

sa_tam. pl. groups of 7 (OG.); sapta 7 (RV.); sa_t (Pas'.Kal.Tor.); id. (Kand.Mai.Phal.Sh.);id.(Ku.N.B.Mth.Bhoj.Aw.H.Marw.G.M.); xa_t (A.)

sama equal, alike, level (RV.)

saras lake, pool (RV.)

sarva all, whole (RV.)

sal move

sas sleep

sahas strength (RV.)[sah be strong]

sahasra 1000 (RV.); sahassa (Pali); jahasa, dahas (OSi.); sa~_s (Sh.); sa_s (K.Sh.)

sa_gara ocean

sa_ci_ aside (RV.)[ca_y incline (Ta.)]

sa_n.d.a uncastrated (of bull); sa_hn. bull (K.)

sa_dh accomplish

sa_ra heart-wood, value; essential (Pali)

sattha caravan (Pali.Pkt.)

sa_d. plus a half (K.); sa_rdha; sd.yumu of 1 1/2, 1 1/2 times (K.)

si fasten

sim.ha lion (RV.)

sittha, sittha_ bowstring (Pkt.)

siddha cooked (Pali.Pkt.); sidha_ provisions, food (Mth.); xidha_ raw food supplied to a guest (A.); si_dho undressed provisions (S.)

s'is.t.a left (AV.); sit.t.ha left over (Pali.Pkt.)[s'is. leave]

siktha lump of rice in a ball; si_th boiled rice (Mth.); s'i_ta rice (Konkan.i)

sikata_ grain of sand; sand, gravel (VS.)

sim.di_, sim.do_li_ date-palm (Pkt.); s'i~d wild date-palm (M.)

sindhu river, the Indus; flow (in general), sea (RV.)

sira_ vein, nerve, tendon (Pali)

siv sew

si_ta_ furrow, goddess of agriculture (RV.)

si_dhu spirituous liquor made from molasses; siva spirituous liquor from fermented rice (S.)

si_man parting of the hair (AV.); si_manta (AV.); si_ndhi parting in a woman's hair (S.); s'ite~, s'ita_ (M.); so~dha_ (P.)

si_ma_ boundary (Ya_j.); s'i~_v, s'i~v boundary of village or field (M.); si_m (G.); si~_ postp. till (S.L.); si_a~ boundary (L.); sima_n boundary (Mth.); siwa_na_ (H.)

sin point where boundaries of three villages meet (P.)

si_sa lead, leaden (VS.)

sundara beautiful

subh strike

subhaga beautiful, fortunate (RV.); saubha_gya prosperity, conjugal happiness (RV.)

suhaga borax (S.)

suran.u to creep (S.)

surun:ga, suran:ga subterranean passage, mine

somnakay, sovnakay, so_nakay gold ( Gypsy); suvarn.a of bright colour, golden (RV.); s'uddha clean, bright, white (RV.)[s'udh purify]; swern.o to sweep (Ku.); soharnu to clean (N.); s'o_dha purification

su_ provide, bring forth, bear (young)

su_kara boar (RV.) minute, fine

su_ci_ needle (RV.)

su_ji_ coarse flour (P.)

su_d make ready

sr.ti road, path (RV.); xar track in jungle (A.); sar.ak road (L.)[sr. move]

sr.j emit

sr.p creep

se_tu dam, bridge (RV.)

se_na_ army (RV.)

selli rope (Pkt.)

se_v wait on

so_ bind, engage

skand leap

skandha shoulder, upper part of back (AV.)

sku pick, poke, press, cover

skud leap on, thrust

skubh hinder

skus. strike, tear away

skr. do

kher dust (G.)

skhad cut

skhal stumble

stan roar

stana female breast, nipple, udder (RV.); thana (Pali)

stambh make or be firm; skambh make firm

stara layer

stavana praise [stu praise]

stigh step

stim be wet

stibhi clump, cluster, bunch; the_h village (L.); theh mound formed by ruins of a town (P.); t.hya_ raised platform on which an idol is placed (Ku.); t.hiya_ mound, heap, lump (H.)

thipa, thipa_ a drop, round mark (Pkt.); thippai dissolves (Pkt.)[stip ooze, drip]

stup strike, obstruct

stubh chant

stubh stop

stu_pa tuft of hair, crest (RV.)

str. strew

str. star (RV.)

sto_ka drop (RV.)

styai coagulate

stri_ woman, wife (RV.)

sthal be firm

shtala dry land (TS.); thala dry ground (Pali)

stha_ stand (skt.) stha_na firm stance (AV.); place of abode (RV.); shape, form; tha_na dwelling place (K.)

stha_li_ earthen dish; tha_li_ plate, dish (Pali)

sthu_n.a_ post, pillar (RV.)

sthu_ra big, strong (RV.); lower part of thigh; buttocks, ankles; parts of a horse (VS.)

snasa_ tendon, muscle

sna_ bathe

snih be wet, be unctuous, be loving

spas' see

spas' bind

spr.h be eager

sphat. burst, split; sphut. burst

sphar move rapidly, twitch, throb; sphal move quickly, quiver, jerk; sphul throb; sphur dart, twitch

sphar swell, abound

spha_y swell

sphit. be damaged; falls, is broken (Pkt.)

spho_t.a swelling, boil

smi smile

smr. remember

sya_la wife's brother (RV.); sa_laka wife's younger brother (Pali)

sru flow

sva one's own (RV.)

svad relish

svan sound

svap sleep; supta asleep (VS.)

svasti good fortune (RV.); sotthi well-being (Pali); satthi (Pkt.); svastika auspicious mark (R.); sotthika auspicious (Pali); satthia (Pkt.)

svid sweat

svr. sound swan

hakk shout

hat.t.a market, fair

had defecate

han strike, kill

hari golden, yellow (RV.); za_r grass (Wg.)

hilln.a_ to shake, be moved (P.); hala plough; hallai moves (Pkt.); halo attack (S.)[ale, alaku to shake (Ka.)]

has laugh

hastin having hands, clever with the hands (RV.)

ha_ spring forward

ha_ abandon

ha_ra taking away

hi impel, send

him.s hurt, kill

hikk hiccup

hilati behaves amorously (Dha_tup.)

hid. anger

hu offers libation

hr. take, carry

hr.s. bristle, be glad

he_manta winter (RV.)[hima snow]

he_l despise

hre_s. neigh [he_s. neigh]

hnu hide

hla_d rejoice

hval go crookedly [hvr. crookedly]

hve_ call; a_hava