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Parpola on internal structure of sign sequences in the script
 Many texts appear more than once; these are arranged in five groups by final signs. Some texts in group III also appear on moulded tablets. Parpola, 1994, p. 120.
Analysis of clay tags with seal impressions at a burnt-down warehouse in Lothal; of the 77 tags, 21 bear 2, 3 or 4 seal impressions; nine seal texts can be read on  14 of these 21 tags which share seal impressions. Parpola, 1994, p. 114.









Analysis of obverse and reverse sides of copper tablets in 46 groups, from Mohenjodaro; the number in the upper right hand corner indicates number of identical tablets found. 34 square tablets (2.66x2.65x0.35cm); 144 rectangular tablets (3.38x2.65x.35cm) and 39 long and narrow, rectangular tablets (3.3x2.4x.3cm). Frames of tablets in thicker lines are cross-linked to other groups identified in bold face in the lower right hand corner. Paropola, 1994, pp. 113-4.


We will analyze this problem further and present a plausible decipherment of the inscriptions on the copper tablets.


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