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Sarasvati River: Extending from Rupar to Lothal

List of sites mostly on the Sarasvati river

House boat in Sindh (d.u_nd.i_ or ber-i_) with a cabin called thar-o; sailors are called mohA_nas (cf. Parpola, 1994, p.13)

Representation of a boat on a stone seal (4.3 cm. long), Mohenjodaro "...this boat is shown as lashed together at both prow and stern indicating perhaps that it was made of reeds." (After Mackay) 

Mohanna Houseboat (cf. Salma Sultana Begum, 1987, p. 185).  

Sarasvati River sites in Punjab and Haryana
Kot Dijian ware on the Sindhu River: globular vessels with a wide black band painted around the neck; related to Sothi ware (Kalibangan I) on the Sarasvati River.
Synoptic view of Landsat images of NW India showing 6-8 km. wide palaeo-channel of Sarasvati River (from Siwalik thru Kalibangan and Anupgarh to Marot); present Shatadru (Sutlej) takes a sharp turn at Ropar. (Yashpal et al., 1984, Fig. 215)
Sarasvati River sites in Rajasthan (Sothi, Dist. Ganganagar; 29.10Lat; 74.50Long)

Kalibangan: furrowmarks of a pre-harappan agricultural field; the pattern of ploughing has survived.


Kalibangan: modern field ploughed with a cattle-drawn plough in a continuous U-shape.


Sarasvati River sites in Bahawalpur Province (Mughal, 1984, p.515)
Black on red ware, Khiplewala, Bahawalpur province; Mughal, M.R., 1997, Ancient Cholistan, Pl.58
kutch1a-t.jpg (6713 bytes) Rann of Kutch, Saurashtra (Gulf of Khambat: Lothal)
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