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Clusters of inscriptions providing hieroglyphic keys to the script

All hieroglyphic keys indexed to semantic clusters of the Indian Lexicon point to one category: weapons made by metal-/fire-workers of Sarasvati-Sindhu civilization.

The recurrent keys are provided by two glyphs which are ligatured compositions: 'unicorn', ligatured animals and  'standard' which are surveyed on other pages. There are other frequently occurring keys such as the 'two short strokes' ("), curved line enclosures, dotted circles, svastika, four-short-stroke enclosures. All these hieroglyphic keys reinforce the keys presented on this page as related to the weapons made by armourers.

Tablet in bas-relief 


Coiled (?) pile of stonesm459Am459B

Incised copper tablets:

Endless knot (See also svastika:m1356 )





Copper tablets: signs as pictorials    See also 3302 and 3313

Leaf. Tablet in bas-relief.  Ox antelope with a long tail.  k67

Bow and arrow pictorial sign2458: Links: 4421 4333 (Fish + alligator)

Evolution of a sign from a pictorialm522A 
Bison? Ox-antelope with a long tail?

Double-axe depicted on a Copper tabletM592b.jpg (2607 bytes)m592B [Sloping line ligatured with a boar-tusk.]

Fish and the double-axe (See also 4306)

4556 Incised miniature tablet. 
Object in the shape of a 
double-shield or double-axe 

Pictorial ligatures m297a 


Fish sign and alligator m298  Head of a unicorn attched to a bison. Fish in upper register above this composition. m410 Seal. 


Objects shaped like a double-axe. Incised miniature tablet.h326A  h326B

Objects shaped like a double-axe. Tablet in bas-relief. h818A  h818B 

The standard in front of the unicorn.

Inscribed bronze weaponsh380A

Squirrel and dotted circles. 2949 Ivory rod. Dotted circles 
on 3 sides. 

Sickle. Tablet in bas-relief. Sickle-shaped.  h233A  h233B

Inscribed bangles and other objectsBlk6ACEbangle.jpg (12454 bytes)

Human-faced markhor and signm1180 

Tree. Note the sign depicted on the neck of the urus bull (unicorn)
.See Mohenjodaro: Incised bronze implements with inscriptions: 2923, 2925 2923


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