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Ficus religiosa pipphala (Pali); pipal-kulu (K.); pipiru (S.); pippal (L.P.); pippal.a (B.);pi_par (Bi.Mth.Bhoj.Aw.); pi_pal (H.); pi_pal. (G.M.) pippala (Pkt.)

pippalaka =pin (Car.); scissors (Pali); pi_pla_ = striking part of a sword (about a span from point), end or point of sword, metallic tip of sheath (H.); pi~pil.a_ = instrument for cutting plaintain leaves (sometimes fastened to a stick)(M.)

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Signs 57 + variants
Ant pipi_la (RV.); pipi_laka = large blak ant (ChUp.); pipi_lika_ (Pali); pipi_lia (Pkt.); phipili_ (Dm.); pipi_l.i (Or.); pim.pad.a_ (OB.); pilil (Bshki.)
Stake in centre of threshing floor vet.l. (Ko.); ve_di = platform (Pa.) ve_l lance
Throat ve_l.a (Ma.)
Hair on body vend.ra (Pa.)
Sun vet.t.e (Ka.)
Mountain bet.t.a (Ka.)



ve_lpu (Te.), ve~_did. = god (Pa.)

ve_l. (Ta.), ve_ntu = king (Ta.)

ve_l.a_ harvest (Kon:kan.i)
Grove ve_lamu (Te.)
Cover for vessel ve_t.u (Ta.), ve_s.t.ana = enclosing (Skt.)
Babul tree ve_l (Ta.)
Obeisance be_d.uha = soliciting (Ka.)
Huntsman be_d.a (Ka.), vya_dha (Skt.)
Breadth of four fingers vet. (Ko.) vet.t.u to cut with axe
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