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Ai6.jpg (3873 bytes)Amri6 Joined animals san:gad.i (M.)
Firepan san:gha_d.o, saghad.i_ (G.)
[cula_ sagad.i_ portable hearth (G.)]
Small bead gud.i (Go.)
Nest ku_t.u (Ta.), ku_d.a = trap (Pkt.)
Tree da_ru (Skt.)
standard1-t.jpg (2529 bytes)H098.jpg (4144 bytes)h098
Brass-founder's lathe
Spike of a top

Post around which string of a churning stick winds










kundu (S.)

kut.hara, kut.haka (Skt.)
[khum.t.a = peg, post, pillar (Pkt.), konta = standard (Pali), gut.a = stump (Go.); kot.i = banner (Ta.); ku_l.e =stump (Ka.); kundu = spike of a top (S.), kunda = a turner's   lathe (Skt.); brass-founder's lathe (Bi.) kunda = pillar (Te.)] kut.a = stump of tree (Pe.); kut.t.i = stump, peg (Tu.)]

kun.d.a = pit (Tu.)

gudva = flame (Mand.)

kudru = top of a fireplace (Kuwi)

[kuyin-ar = who drill holes in beautiful gems (Ta. maturaik- ka_n~ji, 511)

ko~t (H.)

ku~_r.a_ = to churn (Mth.) = to perforate (Ta.)

kun.d.n.o = to clip, shear (WPah.)

cunda (Pali)





























Hearth, portable metal grate



Cutting stoneilding

agud.e = brazier (Tu.)


s'agad.i_ (G.); saghad.i_, s'aghad.i = a pot for holding ire (G.)

sangha_d.o (G.)

san:gatara_s'u_ = stone cutter; san:gatara_s'i = stone-cutting; san:gsa_ru karan.u = to stone (S.), can:katam = to scrape (Ta.), san:kad.a (Tu.), = to scrape (Skt.)

jan:gad.iyo (G.)



ja_n:gad. (G.)

Military guards who carry government treasury from one place to another


(things) given for approval; (goods) taken from a shop to be bought if approved; taken without definite settlement of purchase.






sign242.jpg (952 bytes)sign243.jpg (971 bytes)Signs 242,243 (ligature)

Frame of a building sa~_ga_d.a (IL 2972)
M023a.jpg (7358 bytes)m023aM324a.jpg (2824 bytes)M324b.jpg (2097 bytes)m324a,bH096.jpg (4395 bytes)h096 Bell around animal's neck sangharu   (S.); s'r.n:khala = chain (Ma_rkP.); san"gha_ra = chain, string of beads (S.); san"gal = chain (P.); s'r.n:khalaka = chained camel (Pa_n.); s'~_gad., s'a~_gal. = chain (WPah.) can:kili (Ta.)
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