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Inscribed pottery, ball and stone-slab

See weapons, implements etc. made by fire-workers of Sarasvati-Sindhu

Inscri~7-t.jpg (5111 bytes) Inscribed pottery, Harappa 
(After Vats, Pl.CIII).
Inscr~11-t.jpg (4429 bytes) Inscribed stone slab, Harappa 
(After Vats, Pl. XCVIII).
Inscribed pottery, Harappa 
(After Vats, Pl. CII). 
Inscribed pottery (pre-firing inscription), Bahawalpur;  province;  2:Rappwala Ther; 3 and 9:Guddal; Mughal, M.R., 1997, Pl. 62.
Inscribed ball and pottery, 
Harappa (After Vats, Pl. CI)


Naushero: Terracotta ring with two signs inscribed


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