Sarasvati-Sindhu civilization, soma, language and script

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The Author:

Dr. S. Kalyanaraman, former Sr. Executive, Asian Development Bank has chosen to retire from the Bank service to devote himself to indological studies. He is the author of Indian Alchemy: Soma in the Veda (Forthcoming publication, Munshiram Manoharlal, Delhi).

He has contributed to Prof. Debiprasad Chattopadhyaya's History of Science and Technology in Ancient India on the subject of Indian Alchemy. He has compiled a comparative dictionary of 25+ South Asian Languages (C.P. Ramaswamy Institute of Indological Studies, Chennai) and contributed articles on Indus civilization studies in the Journal of the Institute of Asian Studies and on Sarasvati River in the X World Sanskrit Conference and in a number of conferences in India.

He is currently involved, in association with the Vedic Sarasvati Nadi Shodh Pratishthan, Jodhpur and a number of other organizations to promote development projects in the Sarasvati River Basin.

He was featured as a personality in THE HINDU daily newspaper on Sep 29 1997.  

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