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Pongal / Sankranti / Baisakhi
Pongal / Sankranti / Baisakhi
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Hinduism is not just a religion but a way of life where man lives in complete harmony with the elements. He brings to his well ordered life a certain balance by working hard and celebrating equally hard during festivals. The cycle of festivals throughout the year, ensures that life has a certainty to it.

Pongal in South India is one such festival with so much exuberance that people and animals join in the fun. The word Pongal comes from Pongu (Boiling over). A dish with new rice, dal, jaggery, dry fruits, sugar and milk is cooked in a new clay pot in the open and allowed to boil over, signifying plenty and prosperity for the year ahead. This is offered to the Sun God and partaken as prasad.

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