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He is the God - a living God - whom everyone can see, perceive and pray. Though he is visible, he also has been presented in a variety of forms. He is the life-giver and time-giver.

In the six sects established by Adi Sankara, Souram is one devoted to Sun God. Even in other religions, Sun worship has place. In the Zodiac, Sun occupies a prominent place - the Center. The griha is the source of life and He is therefore described as the life-giver (Pranadhata). He helps one gain his eyesight and Suryanamaskar (worship by prostration) will strengthen one's bones, cure illness, however sever it may be, cleanses the devotee from his sins and bestows on him progeny, wealth, good-health and long life. He is the cause for rain-fall benefiting the world.

The Vedas adore him as a witness of all actions (Sakshi). Worship of this devata on Sunday is supposed to bring in manifold benefits to the worshippers. He is the lord of Leo in the Zodiac. He stays one month in each Rasi and takes 365 days or 12 months to complete a round of 12 Rasis.

Suryanarayana Temple - Tamil Nadu Suryanarayana Temple, popluarly known as Suryanar-Koli, is about 3 kms. from the Aduturai railway station on the Southern Railway main line from Madras to Thanjavur.

There are also temples to Sun at Konark in Orissa and Modhera in Gujarat.

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Planet Deity : Surya
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