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Link to this webpage provides an overview of the major sites on the Sindhu and Sarasvati rivers.

Over 1200 sites (Locality Index provided) are on the banks of the Sarasvati river. Mohenjodaro was caught between this river and the Sindhu river. Harappa was accessible by road from the Rajasthan Khetri copper mines via the right bank of the Sarasvati river since Sutlej was a tributary of Sarasvati joining the latter at Shatrana. Sarasvati river settlement sites were the substratum of the civilization with Harappa, Mohenjodaro and Lothal as trading outposts during the mature periods of the civilization. Perhaps, Harappa  was a link to ancient Persia and the other two were links to Mesopotamia.

This facilitated trade between Sumer and the Sarasvati-Sindhu civilizations, ca. 2500 B.C. from over 1600 ancient sites on the Sarasvati and Sindhu rivers. The major sites many of which have yielded the script inscriptions are depicted on the map. (Note the clustering of sites near the Rann of Kutch and on the central zone of the  Sarasvati river, close to the ancient Khetri copper mines in Rajasthan.

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