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Annapoorneswari is the presiding Goddess of Kashi (Varanasi-- Uttar Pradesh). The Divine mother of the universe not only gives food and riches to her children, but also takes care of their spiritual emancipation by bestowing the nectar of Atma Gnana - the knowledge of the self.

Adi Sankara who had immortalized the power and glory of Annapoorneswari in his immortal hymns Annapoornastakam - eight verses rendered there, implores on our behalf the grant of Gnana Vairagyam -- the steadfastness born out of realization. The beautiful golden image of Annapoorneswari in the temple, which is hundred yards away from the Visweswara Temple is thrown open for darshan to the devotees during Deepavali festival on Dhanathriodasi Day when Pooja is performed for the golden idol and throughout next day on Chotti Deepavali Day it is kept open for public darshan.

According to the Sthala Puranam -- the universal mother, who started on a journey down south from Badrikasramam decided to stay at Varanasi because of the drought for twelve years.

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