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Sri Meenakshi Devi is the incarnation of Parashakti. The sthala purana has it that the King Malaya Dhwaja, a great devotee of Lord Shiva was childless and hence conducted Puthra Kameshti yagna. Goddess Parvathi was born and named as Meenakshi (Her eyes+ being in the shape of fish).

Meenakshi was a great devotee of Lord Sundareswara (Shiva) and the Lord comes in disguise followed by many thrilling episodes known as (sixty four tiruvilayadals), before manying the goddess Meenakshi. Many poets adorned the court of Pandya Kings and Madurai was the seat of Tamil literature. It was also popularly known as the birthplace of Tamil Sangam.  

Shri MEENAKSHI (Madurai --Tamil Nadu) : Madurai is about 492 Kms. from Madras. This town is famous for Goddess Meenakshi temple and was capital of Pandya Kingdom.

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