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Sri AKILANDESWARI (Tiruvonkoil- Tamil Nadu) Jambukeswaram, popularly known as Thiruvanaikka temple is situated near Srirangam in Trichy District, TamilNadu.

This is Appu or water linga among the five lingas dedicated to five elements, Pancha Bootha Kshetras.  There is perennial oozing of water from underneath the Shivalinga in the Sanctum sanctorum which is emptied at regular intervals. Lord Shiva is said to have sat under a Jambu tree and done penance to have the darshan of Lord Vishnu in order to get rid of the sin of Brahmahatya (killing of a repository of Vedas).

Akilandeswari, the Mother of the Universe, is said to have worshipped the Lord in this temple. Symbolically even today, at noon the priest, dressed in a saree, performs pooja to Sri Jambukeswara. It is said Sri Adi Sankara Bhagavadpada consecrated the Thotongo (earrings) Chakra, now adorning the ears of the Devi. Sri Adi Sankara installed a Ganapathy Vigraha in front of Sri Akilandeswari and this contained her Ugrakalai -- malignant aspects.

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