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Hindu and Hindu Dharma

Essential Elements

Major Doctrines

Concept of God

Hindu Trinity

Four Ends of Hindu Life

Three Debts During Life

Ten Great Observances

Four Stages of Hindu Life

Sacred Symbol - AUM


  • Patience, firmness and stability (Dhruti)

  • Forgiveness (Kshama)

  • Self-control and contentment (Dama)

  • Not to steal or conceal, or be selfish (Asteya)

  • Cleanliness, purity and honesty (Saucham)

  • Control over senses and sexual energy (Indriya Nigraha)

  • Right knowledge of the scripture (Dhee)

  • Material and spiritual knowledge or study (Vidya)

  • Truth (Satya)

  • Absence of anger (Akrodha)