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Hindu and Hindu Dharma

Essential Elements

Major Doctrines

Concept of God

Hindu Trinity

Four Ends of Hindu Life

Three Debts During Life

Ten Great Observances

Four Stages of Hindu Life

Sacred Symbol - AUM


  • First Debt to God that can be repaid by dedicating one’s life to the service of God - this is done by :
    • Service to all mankind
    • Reverence for elders, teacher
    • Practice of non-violence, truthfulness, respectfulness
    • Obeying scriptural injunction
    • Protection of the Earth
    • Vegetarianism or Purity in Diet
    • Moderation/Simplicity
    • Non-interference
    • Universality
    • Peace

  • Second Debt to sages and saints that can be repaid by
    • Reverence and and service to saints, sages and gurus
    • Transmission of the scriptural teaching and cultural heritage
    • serving the society and poor, without expectation of returns

  • Third Debt to one’s ancestors
    • Can be repaid by raising one’s family in accordance with the moral and ethical principals of dharma